Big Sleeves & Breathtaking Views

Hello Supermodels

I fell off the grid for a little while and literally entered a new time zone.

It’s amazing how your life can change in an instant. For the past month, I have called Shenzhen in China my new home. Where does one even begin to tell of the escapades, stories and experiences encountered thus far on this new journey. Well to sum it up, it is absolutely crazy. I find myself having long conversations with the locals only for me to tell them in the end “Méiyǒu Chinese, I do not understand.” However, what I’ve learnt; smiling and laughing still remains a universal language. There are many challenges that come with this big move but you have to face and accept each with a positive attitude and mind set.

Recently I crossed the border  to Hong Kong for a quick visit which is literally a train ride away. I did some touristy sightseeing and the views did not disappoint. I visited Victoria’s Peak (as per the images), stood in the middle of time square, climbed 250 steps to see the Tian Tan Budha on Lantau Island, walked through Ladies Market and of course ended the night with drinks on the rooftop of Cé La Vi.

This is just a snippet of the latest 156 travels but I hope to keep you posted on my journey with thoughts and even tips if you decide to venture abroad solo.

So here’s to Big Sleeves and Breathtaking Views…

Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel 



In the Heart of Canada

Last year this time I was drinking coffee at Tim Hortons, having Barbecues with family and friends, discovering new fashion brands such as Coach and Bench and simply enjoying site seeing as any tourist would in the Heart of Canada, Toronto. The experience was amazing, filling up many pages for one’s  travel journal. I took so many photos but here are a few encapsulating one epic adventure…

You always start and finish your day with a good cuppa coffee from Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is literally situated at every second street
Walking in downtown Fergus
Had breakfast at the Gorge Country Kitchen Small is not a word in the Canadians Vocabulary
Celebrating Canada Day
Canadians are truly patriotic
Go BIG or go home
The CN Tower



20 years ago my mom sat on that exact same spot
Don’t look down…
View from the Top
Toronto City
Pizza need I say more


Pimp my Ride


The Niagara Falls is truly majestic
The Falls from the US side


_DSC0750 (2)
A rainbow to remind us that there is a God

This is only a small part of Canada but hopefully some part of this beautiful country I will get to call my second home soon.


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S I left my camera at home when I went shopping because shopping requires one’s full attention but next time I will show you some of their most popular brands that I discovered.