Rebel Girl

The rebel in me has been wondering, what if you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought, what if you got up in front of everyone and walked out of a meeting, what if you closed your eyes, pinned a random destination then hopped on a plane. What if…!

There are many outcomes to these and other scenarios where you reach THE point of no return; Rebellion! When one thinks of being rebellious an overflow of bad and negative things come to mind. However, I would like to think of being rebellious in a more positive way. So, let’s idle the current situation, in South Africa and the rest of the world where people’s lack of respect for humankind result in hurtful remarks, comments and views for a while, and rather focus on the humor of life. So again I ask, What if, you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought… (Smirk)

I certainly had a good laugh as I tested this theory for a day by telling people randomly what was on my mind, and it is amazing to see their reaction by your ‘blatant honesty’. With this, I recently came across The Rebel’s Manifesto which is quite pertinent at this stage of my life. Without even realizing it, as young people we are becoming indoctrinated by society with rules, cliques, fame, fortune and all it has to offer, that one must beg the question: Are we living our lives freely without having to apologize, defend or hide? As you ponder on this, I leave you with…

The Rebel’s Manifesto

1. Do the opposite of what you were taught in school.
2. Care not for the opinions of others. They are based on their own thoughts and fears.
3. Study the work of other rebels. Steal things from them. Research with fury.
4. Forget about the competition. They are on a different path than you. Trends are for suckers.
5. “There’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous”— John Cage.
Do the things that scare you on a daily basis.
6. Make a mess.
7. Embrace your darkside. Your so called “Dark Qualities” (or labels) are a source of great power.
Find a way to incorporate them into your work. Feature them.  Pay particular attention to what makes you angry.
8. Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out into the world  even if it scares the shit out of you (see number 5).
9. Expand your horizons. Leave home. Visit other places/cultures. Wander aimlessly.
10. Never limit your playtime. Even if your brain is telling you otherwise. All of your best stuff comes from it, if you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown.
11. Question EVERYTHING.
13. Follow your heart.


I dare you to write your own Rebel Manifesto, because let’s be real, we are all Rebel’s at heart. I certainly have, in my little black book.

Do yourself a favour, do something rebellious today. But whatever you do, just don’t get caught. If you do, simply smile and say, Madonna told me to do it.

Live like a Rebel Girl 


The 156 Supermodel 



The LBD revolutionized

The Little Black Dress or rather the LBD in the world of fashion is undeniably the most timeless wardrobe essential. The LBD has been altered, re-created and revolutionized over the years but not once has it gone out of style or off the fashion radar. It has and always will be a fashion trend true to its name; The LBD.

Just like the LBD, I’ve realised that there are things in life that never go out of style. Many women are changing their views, attitudes and even persona about many things in life however, in doing so some qualities still remain in style. Such as…

1. Being Loyal

Loyalty is a characteristic that cannot be defined by words but rather shown, earned and reciprocated, be it in a relationship, friendships or in the work place. One aspect of loyalty which has become more evident is its rarity. As society we have become fickle in our quest to climb the social ladder, gain a title and make easy money. The extremities to which we go to get ‘there’ is questionable, making loyalty seem like a Christmas gift as opposed to an inherent trait.

2. Being Bodacious

Derived from the words bold and audacious. However, this word also has many different connotations such as being sexy. It is time to own being bold, audacious and even sexy without feeling insecure, timid or having to ‘please explain yourself’. If you are confident in your own skin and stop thinking and caring about what other people will think and say then you will naturally exude an admiral attractiveness. It’s time to add the real BB (Bodacious Babe) to your morning make-up routine.

3. Being Dauntless

This word sums up how we should wake up each morning. We should wear this quality on our sleeves or it should be the diamonds on the soles of our shoes as we traverse life. Maybe that is a tad too dramatic but so true. Being fearless, determined, confident and spirited are qualities that will never go out of style. But at the same time you cannot be selective, meaning you have to constantly be brave, you have to constantly stand tall for what is right, you must not let people influence your way of thinking or deter you from your ambitions and lastly, you must never let your fears dictate your destiny.

Like The LBD, there are certain things that never go out of style. So, remember to be loyal, be bodacious and dauntless the next time you are unsure of what’s in or out of fashion.


Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel


Taking Risks

Do you ever feel like you constantly playing it safe? Going through the motions but at the same time wondering about the endless possibilities. You constantly ask yourself should I, shouldn’t I? Well…

If you want it,

Go for it,


Don’t always play it safe or

You will die wondering.

Stefano Gabbana once said, “In life you need to take risks.” Easier said than done right? But it’s true! I have taken a few risks and have many more to still venture on but what I have learnt thus far is that (1) you should never fret over your decision and where it is ultimately going to take you and (2) you should never look back at your past because it will only discourage you as you try to convince yourself  that it was easier then but in fact you were merely stuck in a comfort zone and content. This notion is applicable to your career, relationships and everything that influences your happiness and life. However, be mindful that taking any risk requires consideration, some calculation and definite commitment. With this, the first step is now, thereafter you will be further than you were before, and closer to the next great thing.

Here’s to risking it , while dressing inappropriately risqué!

The biggest risk is not taking any risks. Mark Zuckerberg

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Jim Rohn 

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.  Geena Davis

Do one thing every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt

You need to risk, you need to dare to risk and fail greatly because that is the only way you grow. Emilio Estevez


Black and White Jacket – Zara

Distressed Denims-  GUESS

Black Ankle Boots- Zara

Fishnet Tights-  Foschini

Black Crop Crew Top- The Hub

You have to Risk it to get the Biscuit.

Till Next Time 


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S. Images taken by Indigo Child Productions 

All Black

“Women who wear black live colourful lives.”

“You need more colour in your wardrobe, you always wear black.” So I’ve been told many times by mother dearest. My response is usually that she has enough colour for the both of us in her wardrobe lol.

Wearing all black is simply chic and elegant.  You can do no wrong and heads will always  turn. You can mix fabrics and textures in shades of black knowing that your outfit will still come together in the end.

When I put this all black outfit together it was relatively easy as I layered the black crew neck top and black coated high waisted pants with a black chiffon pleated cardigan (and probably because I am partially OCD so my clothes are already colour coordinated from light to dark). However, I am all about the finer details. I decided to keep the accessories minimal but I laid emphasis on the subtle touches of gold seen on the boots, jewelry and Guess handbag.


1# Be bold, daring and even edgy if you must but never apologize for wearing all black.

2# Play around with different styles and silhouettes. Opt for an oversized blazer or keep it simple with a cute peplum top.

3# Mix different textures and fabrics to create contrast by pairing a black leather skirt with a black knitted jersey.

4# Accessorize with statement pieces like a belt, chunky necklace or a fedora.

5# Whatever you do, DO NOT overthink it.

Till Next time


The 156 Supermodel 


For more inspiration visit my Black & Bold board on Pinterest 

P.S Photo’s taken by Indigo Child Productions 

Decide, Declutter and Wear Denim

Heya Supermodels

The first leaves of autumn have fallen which means it’s officially sweater weather. Personally, I think autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with warm hues of leaves swirling in the wind, eventually settling in a heap on the side of the road. With every season one sees change and one experiences change which can be scary at times. However one needs to realize that change is inevitable and eventually all the leaves will fall.

With this, think of the new season as an opportunity to make decisions, declutter and if you’re in doubt return to the basics and wear denim.


Decide what it is you want.

Decide what makes you happy.

And never let fear decide your future.

Easier said than done, right! But the fact of the matter is by not deciding you have still made a decision. You are in control of your life and definitely your outfit of the day so you might as well decide, be merry and not give a damn about what people have to say.


Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions-Barbara Hemphill

Yes, it officially time to get rid of those tees and sweaters at the back of the wardrobe that has become crop tops not because it’s in fashion but because your mom bought it for you in the 7th grade. However, decluttering not only refers to the tangible stuff but also old ideas, bad habits and questionable relationships. It’s time to make space for new and for you.


When in doubt, wear denim

Likewise when you’re unsure and find yourself unable to find a solution or an answer, just go back to the basics and rely on your instincts.

Get The Look:

Choker & Rings: Lovisa

Blue Bell Top: Forever New

Jeans: Sportscene

Star Boots: Daisy Street (Superbalist)

Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S What do you think of the super short blunt bob?


Just Do It

Hi Supermodels

These days I have embraced the famous tagline of Nike by Just Doing It. More and more I’ve realized that if you want something done without having to wait or without being told a million reasons as to why it can’t be done, you just have to do it yourself. Sometimes it is diffcult to “Just Do It” when faced with challenges, stumbling blocks, doubt and fear. However, my advice to you is simple, without any dunkin donut glazed-coating…

F@#$ it and Just Do it. No questions asked; No answers questioned.

Do it with passion or not at all.

Do it now, sometimes later becomes never.

Do it because you can, because you want to, because someone said you couldn’t.

Don’t think too much just DO what makes you happy.

If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Get the Look:

Khaki Bomber Jacket: Truworths

Khaki Cap: Foschini

Stripe Top: Spree

Black Jeans: Zara

Nike Cortez: Superbalist/Nike

Grey Choker: Factorie

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Do it for yourself.

Remember you only get one opportunity, one chance and one life so

Just Do It 

Till Next Time

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The 156 Supermodel


Embroidery Fashion Trend

Heya Supermodels

There’s a new Fashion Trend ALERT!!

From the runway to the streets, the embroidery trend has brought new meaning and colour to our jeans, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets and even shoes. Recently, I walked into a clothing store and literally every second garment had a distinctive flower embroidery on it.

The embroidery designs range from simple to more dramatic but regardless, I feel like this trend has decorated fashion with a new form of art.

I am simply loving this trend as life is too short for your clothes to be boring.

So to get excited for the latest fashion trend this season, here’s a look of what to expect in stores and on the streets of style.

Skirts- Topshop, Zara


Dresses- Zara, Foschini 


Jeans- Zara, Foschini (In store)


Tops & Jackets- Zara, Foschini, Truworths 


Shoes- Topshop


Handbags- Zara, Foschini




One thing is for certain we are going to be seeing a lot more of this trend so get ready to embrace it or rather embroid it.

Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel