Rebel Girl

The rebel in me has been wondering, what if you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought, what if you got up in front of everyone and walked out of a meeting, what if you closed your eyes, pinned a random destination then hopped on a plane. What if…!

There are many outcomes to these and other scenarios where you reach THE point of no return; Rebellion! When one thinks of being rebellious an overflow of bad and negative things come to mind. However, I would like to think of being rebellious in a more positive way. So, let’s idle the current situation, in South Africa and the rest of the world where people’s lack of respect for humankind result in hurtful remarks, comments and views for a while, and rather focus on the humor of life. So again I ask, What if, you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought… (Smirk)

I certainly had a good laugh as I tested this theory for a day by telling people randomly what was on my mind, and it is amazing to see their reaction by your ‘blatant honesty’. With this, I recently came across The Rebel’s Manifesto which is quite pertinent at this stage of my life. Without even realizing it, as young people we are becoming indoctrinated by society with rules, cliques, fame, fortune and all it has to offer, that one must beg the question: Are we living our lives freely without having to apologize, defend or hide? As you ponder on this, I leave you with…

The Rebel’s Manifesto

1. Do the opposite of what you were taught in school.
2. Care not for the opinions of others. They are based on their own thoughts and fears.
3. Study the work of other rebels. Steal things from them. Research with fury.
4. Forget about the competition. They are on a different path than you. Trends are for suckers.
5. “There’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous”— John Cage.
Do the things that scare you on a daily basis.
6. Make a mess.
7. Embrace your darkside. Your so called “Dark Qualities” (or labels) are a source of great power.
Find a way to incorporate them into your work. Feature them.  Pay particular attention to what makes you angry.
8. Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out into the world  even if it scares the shit out of you (see number 5).
9. Expand your horizons. Leave home. Visit other places/cultures. Wander aimlessly.
10. Never limit your playtime. Even if your brain is telling you otherwise. All of your best stuff comes from it, if you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown.
11. Question EVERYTHING.
13. Follow your heart.


I dare you to write your own Rebel Manifesto, because let’s be real, we are all Rebel’s at heart. I certainly have, in my little black book.

Do yourself a favour, do something rebellious today. But whatever you do, just don’t get caught. If you do, simply smile and say, Madonna told me to do it.

Live like a Rebel Girl 


The 156 Supermodel 



The LBD revolutionized

The Little Black Dress or rather the LBD in the world of fashion is undeniably the most timeless wardrobe essential. The LBD has been altered, re-created and revolutionized over the years but not once has it gone out of style or off the fashion radar. It has and always will be a fashion trend true to its name; The LBD.

Just like the LBD, I’ve realised that there are things in life that never go out of style. Many women are changing their views, attitudes and even persona about many things in life however, in doing so some qualities still remain in style. Such as…

1. Being Loyal

Loyalty is a characteristic that cannot be defined by words but rather shown, earned and reciprocated, be it in a relationship, friendships or in the work place. One aspect of loyalty which has become more evident is its rarity. As society we have become fickle in our quest to climb the social ladder, gain a title and make easy money. The extremities to which we go to get ‘there’ is questionable, making loyalty seem like a Christmas gift as opposed to an inherent trait.

2. Being Bodacious

Derived from the words bold and audacious. However, this word also has many different connotations such as being sexy. It is time to own being bold, audacious and even sexy without feeling insecure, timid or having to ‘please explain yourself’. If you are confident in your own skin and stop thinking and caring about what other people will think and say then you will naturally exude an admiral attractiveness. It’s time to add the real BB (Bodacious Babe) to your morning make-up routine.

3. Being Dauntless

This word sums up how we should wake up each morning. We should wear this quality on our sleeves or it should be the diamonds on the soles of our shoes as we traverse life. Maybe that is a tad too dramatic but so true. Being fearless, determined, confident and spirited are qualities that will never go out of style. But at the same time you cannot be selective, meaning you have to constantly be brave, you have to constantly stand tall for what is right, you must not let people influence your way of thinking or deter you from your ambitions and lastly, you must never let your fears dictate your destiny.

Like The LBD, there are certain things that never go out of style. So, remember to be loyal, be bodacious and dauntless the next time you are unsure of what’s in or out of fashion.


Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel


A New Reflection

Some have said  “You’ve changed…” Whether the notion is implied positively or negatively, I am happy ‘af’ because if I haven’t changed it means I haven’t tried anything new; I haven’t embraced the unknown, I haven’t engaged with people from different parts of the world to tell me and teach me about different parts of the world,  I haven’t stepped outside my comfort zone or  I haven’t experienced something challenging and daunting.

So yes, I have indeed changed. I have grown, progressed and moved from where I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago and even a moment ago.

Many have different views on change be it in a person or in general however, it is inevitable and the way you react to it is a direct reflection of you as a person.

Here are a few rules when thinking of changing as a person.


  1. Change for yourself, for what makes you happy.
  2. Do not try to change people or let people change you.
  3. Always strive for a positive change.
  4. A haircut is as good as a change (so maybe its time to book that appointment)
  5. Be open to change but never change into something you’re not.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.Socrates

Change can be scary and unpredictable, BUT a start to a new beginning.

Perception is a wave. You change as your perception of something changes because you define yourself as a reflection of whatever you happen to perceive. Frederick Lenz

As long as the change is a reflection of your true self and someone you can smile at when you look in the mirror knowing the outer appearance reflects the inner soul which is one of beauty, grace and virtue.

Always the short girl changing for the better.


The 156 Supermodel


New Heights

FEAR. A simple four letter word that surmounts to more than it can actually withstand. When asked, “What is your greatest fear?”, the typical response is usually, I am afraid of heights.

Well, I’m also afraid of heights along with other fears but that has not stopped me from skydiving 10000 ft or standing on the tip of a 233m tower in Macau. The way I see it (besides being inherently daring and crazy), you can walk out the door and an electric bike can run you over (as reference to living in Shenzhen) or better yet you can choke on your favourite cupcake (awful I know) so you might as well surrender, look down and live in the moment.

Again I ask, What is your greatest fear?

  • Fear of the unknown, fear of not being accepted or being good enough, fear of failure! Fear leads to overthinking, worrying, anxiety, stress and it just consumes so much of your time.

With this, you have two options:

1. Let your fears control you and your state of mind by keeping you from dreaming, trying, doing and living.

2. Face and overcome your fears with an inner strength, will power and a zero f@#$s attitude.

The choice is yours. Do not let your fears decide for you.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others

Poem by Marianne Williamson 

Get the look:


Shoes- Charles & Keith

Jacket- Zara

Top- Local store in Shenzhen
Sometimes we have to jump, we have to leap and we even have to fall, because in doing so, our trying and persevering will not be in vain and we are able to get up, look forward and aim to new and even greater heights. 

Always the short girl reaching new heights


The 156 Supermodel


Big Sleeves & Breathtaking Views

Hello Supermodels

I fell off the grid for a little while and literally entered a new time zone.

It’s amazing how your life can change in an instant. For the past month, I have called Shenzhen in China my new home. Where does one even begin to tell of the escapades, stories and experiences encountered thus far on this new journey. Well to sum it up, it is absolutely crazy. I find myself having long conversations with the locals only for me to tell them in the end “Méiyǒu Chinese, I do not understand.” However, what I’ve learnt; smiling and laughing still remains a universal language. There are many challenges that come with this big move but you have to face and accept each with a positive attitude and mind set.

Recently I crossed the border  to Hong Kong for a quick visit which is literally a train ride away. I did some touristy sightseeing and the views did not disappoint. I visited Victoria’s Peak (as per the images), stood in the middle of time square, climbed 250 steps to see the Tian Tan Budha on Lantau Island, walked through Ladies Market and of course ended the night with drinks on the rooftop of Cé La Vi.

This is just a snippet of the latest 156 travels but I hope to keep you posted on my journey with thoughts and even tips if you decide to venture abroad solo.

So here’s to Big Sleeves and Breathtaking Views…

Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel 


Taking Risks

Do you ever feel like you constantly playing it safe? Going through the motions but at the same time wondering about the endless possibilities. You constantly ask yourself should I, shouldn’t I? Well…

If you want it,

Go for it,


Don’t always play it safe or

You will die wondering.

Stefano Gabbana once said, “In life you need to take risks.” Easier said than done right? But it’s true! I have taken a few risks and have many more to still venture on but what I have learnt thus far is that (1) you should never fret over your decision and where it is ultimately going to take you and (2) you should never look back at your past because it will only discourage you as you try to convince yourself  that it was easier then but in fact you were merely stuck in a comfort zone and content. This notion is applicable to your career, relationships and everything that influences your happiness and life. However, be mindful that taking any risk requires consideration, some calculation and definite commitment. With this, the first step is now, thereafter you will be further than you were before, and closer to the next great thing.

Here’s to risking it , while dressing inappropriately risqué!

The biggest risk is not taking any risks. Mark Zuckerberg

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Jim Rohn 

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.  Geena Davis

Do one thing every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt

You need to risk, you need to dare to risk and fail greatly because that is the only way you grow. Emilio Estevez


Black and White Jacket – Zara

Distressed Denims-  GUESS

Black Ankle Boots- Zara

Fishnet Tights-  Foschini

Black Crop Crew Top- The Hub

You have to Risk it to get the Biscuit.

Till Next Time 


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S. Images taken by Indigo Child Productions 

Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show- 2017

Bubbly, Candy Floss, Fashion and Friends.

The Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show has become a permanently marked event in my social calendar. Having attended the event for the 3rd consecutive year, I can honestly say that it just gets more fabulous. The new sparkling wine range from J.C. Le Roux, Vibrazio was served chilled and its refreshingly sophisticated taste was ideal for a crowd of young professionals, influencers, bloggers and artists. The cotton candy station was simply a hit because who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again without being reminded of the sugar content #meltingmoments. Inglot kept the faces’ beat for the night with their quality range of make-up. After a good dose of socializing and selfies, the lights hit the runway to showcase the latest denim trends for the upcoming seasons. Some trends were somewhat expected whilst others were must haves for the closet. Even so, the various brands and retailers such as G-Star RAW, The Fix, Mr Price, Old Khaki, Guess, Sissy Boy and Replay to mention merely a few did not disappoint with bold statements pieces, patterns, pop of colour here and there and funky accessories. The show ended with some live entertainment from Lakota Silva.

















Blazer- Trenery

Denim Shirt- Permanently borrowed from one of my brothers.

Double Buckle Belt- Luella

Jeans- RVCA

Black Ankle Boots- Zara


Coat– Forever New

Jumpsuit– Sissy boy

Tan Ankle Boots- Steve Madden 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which is your favorite look?

P.S Thank you Cosmo and Team of organizers for the amazing fashion show and awesome goodie bags.

Till next time



The 156 Supermodel