The Perfect Silhouette

She stood in the dark, as the reflection of the light outlined her silhouette.

Suddenly she stepped into the sunlight as her shadow faded.

And in that moment, reality was laid bare. Mikhaila Turner 

Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.

My actions reflect who I truly am and your interpretation of them reflects who you truly are.

She walked in shadows believing she didn’t deserve the sunshine that was only a step away. Leo Christopher 

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman  

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The 156 Supermodel


Images taken by Mark Gorokhovski and Cody Alana Hoffman 


A New Reflection

Some have said  “You’ve changed…” Whether the notion is implied positively or negatively, I am happy ‘af’ because if I haven’t changed it means I haven’t tried anything new; I haven’t embraced the unknown, I haven’t engaged with people from different parts of the world to tell me and teach me about different parts of the world,  I haven’t stepped outside my comfort zone or  I haven’t experienced something challenging and daunting.

So yes, I have indeed changed. I have grown, progressed and moved from where I was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago and even a moment ago.

Many have different views on change be it in a person or in general however, it is inevitable and the way you react to it is a direct reflection of you as a person.

Here are a few rules when thinking of changing as a person.


  1. Change for yourself, for what makes you happy.
  2. Do not try to change people or let people change you.
  3. Always strive for a positive change.
  4. A haircut is as good as a change (so maybe its time to book that appointment)
  5. Be open to change but never change into something you’re not.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.Socrates

Change can be scary and unpredictable, BUT a start to a new beginning.

Perception is a wave. You change as your perception of something changes because you define yourself as a reflection of whatever you happen to perceive. Frederick Lenz

As long as the change is a reflection of your true self and someone you can smile at when you look in the mirror knowing the outer appearance reflects the inner soul which is one of beauty, grace and virtue.

Always the short girl changing for the better.


The 156 Supermodel


All Black

“Women who wear black live colourful lives.”

“You need more colour in your wardrobe, you always wear black.” So I’ve been told many times by mother dearest. My response is usually that she has enough colour for the both of us in her wardrobe lol.

Wearing all black is simply chic and elegant.  You can do no wrong and heads will always  turn. You can mix fabrics and textures in shades of black knowing that your outfit will still come together in the end.

When I put this all black outfit together it was relatively easy as I layered the black crew neck top and black coated high waisted pants with a black chiffon pleated cardigan (and probably because I am partially OCD so my clothes are already colour coordinated from light to dark). However, I am all about the finer details. I decided to keep the accessories minimal but I laid emphasis on the subtle touches of gold seen on the boots, jewelry and Guess handbag.


1# Be bold, daring and even edgy if you must but never apologize for wearing all black.

2# Play around with different styles and silhouettes. Opt for an oversized blazer or keep it simple with a cute peplum top.

3# Mix different textures and fabrics to create contrast by pairing a black leather skirt with a black knitted jersey.

4# Accessorize with statement pieces like a belt, chunky necklace or a fedora.

5# Whatever you do, DO NOT overthink it.

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The 156 Supermodel 


For more inspiration visit my Black & Bold board on Pinterest 

P.S Photo’s taken by Indigo Child Productions 


You can have any colour, as long as it’s black – Henry Ford

The LBD is commonly associated with the Little Black Dress in fashion terms. The Little Black Dress is an essential ‘must have’ clothing item in every woman’s wardrobe. I tend to over-do it by owning a few LBDs but the simplicity and elegance of it never let’s you down.

The LBD is perfect for any occasion especially when you need one less decision to make. It can be worn up and down and accessorized to meet your individual style. The LBD  has been commended, accepted and re-designed by designer after designer since the 1920s.

Just like the LBD, we need to adopt the same timeless mantra and create our own definition to make use of in our daily lives.

I have a new LBD mantra which is simple and applicable to all.

I hope it will help the next time you have to decide on more than just picking out your next dress.


 Live unapologetically, Love the Life you Live and Live in the moment.


Be Yourself, Be Fearless, Be Extraordinary, Be Happy.


Dare to be different, Dare to bring change and Dare to always succeed.

I initially purchased this LBD for work because it’s simple and you don’t have to iron it (yes we all have those mornings where the snooze button is our friend). However, as I tried it on the first time I realised it’s a tad bit too sexy for the work place. (Remember professionalism over preconceptions ^^,)

Nonetheless, I decided to style this little black dress with a double buckle belt as it adds some edge and doesn’t make the dress seem to formal. The belt also accentuates my pear-shaped figure.

Outfit details:

Ribbed Black Dress: Missguided 

Double Buckle Belt: Luella/Foschini (In-store)

Black Ankle Boots: Zara


The 156 Supermodel



A Forest Walk

This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy. Susan Polis Schutz

I find this quote so profound and relevant, especially now that I’ve reached a mini milestone in my life and where we live in a society where certain norms of how our lives should be at a certain age are prescribed. Yes, I should probably be married by now according to some weird timeline. But f#$%& it;

I am taking control of my life, my love and my happiness without having to conform to the norms of society.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….


Sometimes those around you will not understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.


Be with someone that makes you happy.


Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. Anonymous 


The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Marcus Aurelius 


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost


If you’re going to be weird, be confident about it.


So here’s to being weird, being everything you were taught not to be, colouring outside the lines, eating cake on any day and imagining a world that is all your own…


Here’s to the next 25 adventurous years….



The 156 Supermodel


P.S The photographs taken by the amazing Tegan Smith

The Girl in the Grey Coat

 Life is about labels. In order to identify something one refers to the label. Likewise, society has created labels based on one’s social status, culture, attitude and behaviour and the cliques you associate yourself with. Whether or not you choose, life has become such that you will be labelled regardless of the preconceived notions that are far from the truth. Many times I’ve had to hear ” So you one of those girls”, not even knowing my story. Which makes me beg the question; Do we go through life ticking specific boxes for others or are we choosing to live our lives without a checklist!

I choose the latter.

DSC_6457[1] (2)

DSC_6471[1] (2)

Labels will always come and go because whatever we do or say or rather whatever we don’t do or say will inevitably put us in a box. We have become so fixated on labels that we cannot distinguish between the fake designer labels and the real exclusive labels. Some people’s values and priorities have changed so much that they think their label is 100% Cashmere, but when you look closely it is in fact a mix of polyester and cotton.

x x x

DSC_6480[1] (2)



In closing, I have a label. However, with being labelled I always make sure that people are able to read the label for what it truly is.

And for now, I am to you only ‘The Girl in the Grey Coat’ 


DSC_6507[1] (2)

If you had to define your label, what would it read?

Handle with care 

Wash cold separately

Tumble dry on low

Warm iron needed 

Turn inside out 

Drip Dry



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DSC_6525[1] (2)

P.S. The amazing pics were taken by Megan_Damon. Her Website will be launching soon but for now you can follow her on instagram…


Daddy’s Jeans/Genes

Rip it, Cut it, and pull out the thread. Looks good but it’s not quite on point yet. It needs more character it needs more je ne se quoi. Let’s try it again, maybe this time a bigger cut and another rip and tear. Now one is pleased and up to date with the latest fashion trend that has been around for a while and is clearly here to stay; The Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. Many have embraced this fashion trend that is easy to follow without even trying. All one has to do is steal an old pair of ripped jeans from your boyfriend, roll it up at the hem and then accessorize it with a chic blazer and stilettos or simply your favourite pair of sneakers.


I on the other hand was fortunate to claim a real vintage pair of distressed boyfriend jeans not from a boyfriend but from my dad. We will however continue to call them distressed boyfriend jeans because distressed daddy jeans just sounds anomalous (in plain english #weird). This pair of jeans is distressed in the true sense of the word, as it is a 33-year-old pair of Lee Jeans. Wearing the jeans carries much significance, as it did not fit my two elder brothers by the waist, only me. My dad’s youngest and only daughter. Sometimes I feel I have much to fill in life when I wear these jeans. However, I have learnt that I can wear my dad’s jeans and I can share many traits of him, but I have my own life to carve and my own journey to tread. He is simply there to guide me and to remind me that there are times where the journey will not be easy but it will indeed be worth it.



My Father’s Daughter I am 

I am my father’s daughter you know

I have his moles and piercing expressions,

I have his inner might but always rely on his discretions.

I also have his purpose and meaningful walk,

But have yet to perfect his assertive talk.

I have his constant drive for success,

Strive only for the best, simply nothing less.

I am my father’s daughter you know,

I have his genes and sometimes even wear his jeans.

He has given me much, most importantly the honour of his name,

Our journeys are our own, but our spirit somewhat  the same.

He’s always there to guide me and for that, brave I stand,

Entertain and laugh, we create our own band.

I am my father’s daughter you know

I hold his hand, he holds mine in case we should fall,

When hope seems lost, my confidant upon whom I call.

I am his child, the daughter he loves

Never a doubt in that I can trust;

We share a bond no one can comprehend

Alas our love is all that matters until the end.

Happy Father’s Day Pops 🙂


For more inspiration on styling your favourite pair of distressed jeans check out Pinterest.


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