Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show- 2017

Bubbly, Candy Floss, Fashion and Friends.

The Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show has become a permanently marked event in my social calendar. Having attended the event for the 3rd consecutive year, I can honestly say that it just gets more fabulous. The new sparkling wine range from J.C. Le Roux, Vibrazio was served chilled and its refreshingly sophisticated taste was ideal for a crowd of young professionals, influencers, bloggers and artists. The cotton candy station was simply a hit because who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again without being reminded of the sugar content #meltingmoments. Inglot kept the faces’ beat for the night with their quality range of make-up. After a good dose of socializing and selfies, the lights hit the runway to showcase the latest denim trends for the upcoming seasons. Some trends were somewhat expected whilst others were must haves for the closet. Even so, the various brands and retailers such as G-Star RAW, The Fix, Mr Price, Old Khaki, Guess, Sissy Boy and Replay to mention merely a few did not disappoint with bold statements pieces, patterns, pop of colour here and there and funky accessories. The show ended with some live entertainment from Lakota Silva.

















Blazer- Trenery

Denim Shirt- Permanently borrowed from one of my brothers.

Double Buckle Belt- Luella

Jeans- RVCA

Black Ankle Boots- Zara


Coat– Forever New

Jumpsuit– Sissy boy

Tan Ankle Boots- Steve Madden 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which is your favorite look?

P.S Thank you Cosmo and Team of organizers for the amazing fashion show and awesome goodie bags.

Till next time



The 156 Supermodel




A Day at the Races

2017 started off with a bang with one of the biggest events marked in blue and white on the social calendar namely, The L’Omarins Queen’s Plate. Attending this event means one thing and one thing only: Dress to Impress in your finest blue and white.  And then of course the actual horse races lol.

From drinking bubbly to socialising with celebs, bloggers, models, social media influencer’s, certainly  makes this event one to remember.

Here’s a look at the amazing day.

 The Blue & White Attirebeautyplus_20170108082141_save

Headpiece inspired by Carrie Bradshaw 




Such a Lady with the vocabulary of a sailor…. haha 


New Friends from Austria and Sweden.


One of South Africa’s Cricket Legend’s: Herschelle Gibbs 


This stunning couple danced and laughed together and they certainly did it in style.

#relationship goals 2017


The beautiful set up. Blue and white all around. 


Let the races begin.


Lucky Number 7


I cannot wait to see and share what the rest of 2017 holds in store.

Till next time


The 156 Supermodel 


Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show-2016

The Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show was on a whole new level this year, with Candy Stations, AHmazing goodie bags, hot entertainment and exciting new fashion trends. Favourite brands such as Guess, Soviet and Forever New to mention a few came together to showcase their latest in denim and they did not disappoint. The show was also attended by favourite bloggers, artists, tv personalities and even the beautiful Mrs South Africa & World. OMG!


Deja Vu with TV Personality and DJ, Sibongile Mafu who hosted the Cosmo Jeans Show in 2015


The Show begins….







Some eye-candy…


Jimmy Nevis doing his thing..

Loving his new hit with Sketchy Bongo- All About It 


I hope you enjoyed this post…

P.S I enjoyed the show so much that I almost forgot to take pics…


The 156 Supermodel 



Bonjour Supermodels, Comment allez vouz…

It has been a while since I snapped a photo of an outfit with some thoughts on fashion, life and all things quirky. BUT! The 156 Supermodel is back and not once has my love for fashion been compromised even as I continue to hustle in the work industry. For any new readers, followers or simply fashionable stalkers, The 156 Supermodel comes from my height being 156cm and the Supermodel… well we are all supermodels in our own right I just get to eat anything I want.

So what is different? 

For one, the blunt haircut. It seems the older I get the shorter I go. Who knows, maybe I will be rocking the pixie hairstyle by the end of the year.

My style has also changed to more minimal and sophisticated. I guess if you want people to take you seriously you have to dress the part and can I just say that there is definitely a sense of power in the way you portray your image.

What is still the same?

The 156 Supermodel will continue to share favourites of fashion, shoes, cupcakes and inspirational life lessons.

Now back to the Fashion…

On Thursday 9 June 2016, I went to the Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show. With the chills of winter I had to combine warmth with fashion so what better way than my fluffy faux fur coat from Woolworths, layered necklaces and cute lil booties. And let’s not forget about the red lipstick because red lips always bring out the alter ego which is way more fun.



Check out Part 2 of the Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show…

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Oh and Happy Youth Day to my South African Supermodels


The 156 Supermodel 




I CARE: Breast Cancer Awareness

If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.
Maya Angelou


October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Each year more and more women and let’s not forget men are also being affected, not only by breast cancer but all types of cancer. This year it was my wish to release 156 pink balloons to show that I care for this cause so dear to my heart. I know and have known so many amazing women with the Big “C” hence I could no longer put off this campaign. Yes, we call it the Big “C” to avoid the harshness and the truth in the word itself, Cancer.  I named the campaign “I CARE” because we need to show that we care for the cause in the here and now and not only when it hits us at our very own door step.


On 11 October 2015, my desire was fulfilled as I, in association with ROTO (Reach Out to Others) an NPC came to together with close family and friends to release 156 Pink Balloons at the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Each balloon that swirled into the clear blue sky were:

For those that have lost the battle; may you know that we cherish each memory of you,

For those that continue to fight; may you know that this battle is not your own and lastly

For those that are anxious, not knowing what to expect, know that you are not alone.


The moment the balloons were released I felt liberated and a sense of closure. One can never comprehend the pain and suffering that a loved one or friend has had to endure from fighting cancer and by releasing the balloons it was a moment of clarity that you too can finally let go knowing that there is still hope.






Questions there will always be, but for us it is merely “just do and show that we care”. It is never too late to show that you care and support this cause. So I urge you to take up the challenge. Wear that pink ribbon, make cupcakes for your loved one or friend that is fighting. All they want to know is that you are there with them and for them. It is always the unspoken that counts the most.

The event was indeed amazing, filled with delicious pink treats…






And then there was also fun and endless moments captured….







I would like to say thank you to:

Afrox for sponsoring the Helium

Arizona Spur for sponsoring the Balloons

Pick ‘n Pay (Waterstone) for Sponsoring the Cupcakes

Fatima’s Haberdashery for sponsoring the Ribbons

And each and everyone that assisted and supported to bring this event to life in order to make a small difference

(You know who you are wink wink)


I am The 156 Supermodel and I support Breast Cancer Awareness 


P.S. See you next year as we release even more balloons. Caring doesn’t stop here.

We have loved and we have lost, but the cause is never lost…!


Hey Supermodels

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

23 August 2015, I had lunch with the family and then I went to go see the last show of the musical hit; The West Side Story at the Artscape Theatre. This meant two outfits but the hassle free of having to change twice.  The solution was simple, one Black skirt overall, one pair of black ankle boots and a perfect-sized “young, wild & free” black purse. Check out how I changed my look as easy as 1,2,3…

OOTD– Outfit Of the Day

For the day look I simply paired the cute black overalls with a classic white shirt. I added the white “frilled” socks for a more playful look. I kept the accessories minimal with three dainty bracelets and a ring.

_DSC0237 (2)

_DSC0216 (2)

_DSC0217 (2)




OOTN-Outfit of the Night

For the evening look, I changed to a sparkly crop jersey. Added stockings and red lipstick for a ” warm” but sexy look. I simply changed my accessories to pearls  to compliment the jersey and to add more bedazzle to the outfit.





Black Skirt Overall- Legit

Black ankle boots- Foschini

Black Purse- Truworths 


The West Side Story musical production was spectacular, from the cast and the music right to the setting of the stage and the lighting. Throughout the show, the audience was captivated by the unique story-line of two street gangs, namely The Jets and The Sharks that are from different ethnic backgrounds. This is one musical that manages to capture the contrasts of hate and passion & humour and tragedy all in one. I take my hat off to everyone that brought this amazing production to life.

It’s not just a story,  it is The West Side Story.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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The 156 Supermodel



MC Trunk Show

Bubbly, mini-sized macaroons and shopping… Need I say more.


Marie Claire hosted yet another fabulous Trunk show on Wednesday 5 August 2015, which is a clear indication that it has become one of those permanent diarised events that one cannot miss.

Upon arrival, the guests each received a glass of bubbly compliments of J.C. Le Roux which I found a rather crafty master plan because after your first few sips, you bubbling over with glee, wanting to take in everything and eagerly shop at all the amazing retailers’ and designers’ pop-up stores set out in the different rooms.

Image by Greg Beadle
It’s not just a can, It’s a BOS can.    Young designers giving BOS a new look. May the best designer win

There were so many amazing designers and retailers that I asked myself where have they been hiding or rather where have I been… One of my favourite designers were Dark Paradise simply because their clothing appealed to me immediately. They have quite the variety so whether you are a girly girl or leaning more towards the chic dark side, you are bound to find something to suit your style.

dark paradise


_DSC0177 (3)



iamtrend also caught my eye with their uber stylish sunglasses and trendy jewellery. Definitely looking forward to seeing them at more markets and events.  Be sure to check them out on facebook for latest updates on sales and their collections

Image by Greg Beadle

More fabulous designers….

_DSC0190 (2)



This is one of  Black Eyed Susan‘s designs. All of their garments are beautifully self-tailored and unique. i love it!!

Will you be able to rock this Pirouette Dress Coat?

_DSC0183 (2)

Some of my favourites….

Cupcakes, Teacups and books

_DSC0203 _DSC0191

After all the shopping,  It was time for selfies, where you were able to print them in an instant #JCleRoux

Image by Greg Beadle
Image by Greg Beadle

Followed by some live entertainment by the amazing band Al Bairre 


It was indeed a midweek delight. To all the event organisers, thank you for a fabulous evening.

Ms Sarah Murphy. She is such a Diva
_DSC0198 (2)
“Women who wear black live colourful lives”

Hope you enjoyed this post


The 156 Supermodel 


_DSC0201 (2)