VMA Favourites

The Video Music Awards was interesting this year. Being half-naked or actually naked, petty feuds and dramatic performances and speeches have become second nature with this award ceremony and among the celebrities. However, the news and tabloids have already informed us of the details so I am just here to share my favourite looks from the evening because I do fashion NOT gossip and trivial information of who showed the most boob.  

Here is the list of my favourites:

1. Make-up Look

Taylor Swift went for a dramatic winged eye look that brought out the colour of her eyes. She kept the rest of her make-up subtle with a nude lipstick and minimal blush.


2. Hair

Vanessa Hudgens stayed true her Bohemian style with a braided crown, loose waves and hints of flower detail.

VH Hair enhanced-4793-1440979743-1

3. Shoes

Simple yet elegant. Tori Kelly wore a black kitten heel by Nicholas Kirkwood.

tori kelly 2

4. Nails/ Accessories 

Demi Lovato had some chic nude and pink nails to compliment the detail of her dress. Her nails were definitely on point…


5. Themed Look

Kat Graham went for a retro vintage look with a colourful Versace minidress paired with Casadei heels. The overall look was daring and bold which definitely made an elegant statement on the red carpet.


6. Pop of Colour 

Kourtney Kardashian brought some colour to the event with this flawless hot pink jumpsuit. She is indeed one hot mama!


7. Trend 

Ciara stepped out with the latest trend of fringe and tassels. She also showed off her new cut which has been in season for a while, I Bet.


8. Naked Dress

Nicki Minaj surprised me in a good way with her version of the naked dress, enhancing her figure the right way.



Which were your favourite looks from the VMAs?

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DO Discover your true style

It is 20 years to the day and a distant memory.

ATT_1432405722155_20150403_141656-1 (1)

It was a warm summer’s day but I insisted on wearing red gummy boots, a pink shorts and a baby blue jacket, which speaks a lot for my character at the time, assertive yet with a minimal fashion sense. From a young age my mom gave me a voice in the clothes that I chose to wear, allowing me to express myself. However, looking back I cringe as I ask myself “What was I thinking”. But in that same tone I embrace what was and appreciate every moment as it tells me how I’ve grown and transformed in so many ways from these fashion escapades.



Fashion as we know constantly evolves where one needs to keep up with the latest trends and for all of you reading this, I urge you to stay true to your own unique style because that is one thing that does remain constant. If you have not discovered yet what your own unique style is do not fret, it will eventually come to you. The first step though is knowing who you are because that is the image you are going to portray as a person by the way you dress. The biggest mistake that you can make is to copy a celebrity, style icon or even a friend’s look, simply because what works for them and their body type may not work for you. Bear in mind that you can still admire and find inspiration in what they wear. Personally, being short, maxi dresses do not work for me or maybe there is still one out there for me that will be flattering but I try different dresses and styles to enhance my petite structure. Believe it or not as a petite person I too become conscious with certain clothing pieces but I have a rule if it does not compliment my body then I will not purchase it. Your clothes should accentuate your body rather than reveal areas of your body in a distasteful way.



Fashion has no rules except for one which is a complete No No… please do not wear leggings as pants. Trends will come and go and that is the fashion circle of life. You can and will follow these trends but at least make it your own. One of my favourite fashion gurus is Anna Dello Russo. Sometimes my vocabulary consists only of oohs and aahs with all the outfits that she wears but, she has caught my attention which means she is definitely doing something right. I have seen so many copies thus I choose not to be one. Some days I look really plain and boring but the satisfaction lies in knowing that the plain and boring is all me in a mini 156 stature.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when discovering your true style or merely staying true to yourself in order to make your voice heard. Yes “darlings” the way you dress speaks a thousand words…


  1. Like what you wear. Do not buy something simply because it is in fashion.
  2. Dress according to your body type, especially when mixing prints and colours.
  3. Do not try to be or imitate someone you not all for the sake of fashion.
  4. Whatever you choose to wear, accept the risk and wear it with confidence because there is no turning back and who knows maybe you will be setting a new trend.
  5. Always remember to express your individuality and uniqueness in the way you dress.
  6. Never apologize for the way you look and the clothes you are wearing. After all on the day you chose to wear it so embrace it.
  7. Learn to mix and match the clothes that you already have.
  8. Be daring and bold you only live once.
  9. Dress according to your mood, it is who you are and you will be more comfortable.
  10. People will always stare, talk and judge so give them something good and worthwhile to stare, talk and judge about.

The photographs were taken at a quaint book store in Gordons Bay called Books International. They have a variety of books that one simply does not know where to start. It is like a maze with so much to discover. This location was inspired because we tend to have everything at the touch of a finger today by simply downloading books and information. However sometimes we need to go back to basics in order to discover something great or something forgotten. And likewise with ourselves and the clothes we choose to wear. Once you discover what works for you it will become a part of you and come naturally.

_DSC0093 (2)

_DSC0133 (2)

Lastly I will be surrounded by books myself as I am writing my final exams for the first semester. Therefore I will be putting my blogging on hold but that does not mean I will not be inspired by everything around me in order to share with you when I return.

I hope you enjoyed this post

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Beauty tips that DO work

I am a sucker for beauty products and home remedies because, the sad but true fact is beauty and staying beautiful is hard work. Please do not read into it from a perspective of being vain or conceited, however as women we need to look after ourselves in all aspects and in doing so we automatically feel beautiful. You can roll your eyes but we all look at other women and admire their long luscious hair or clear skin and the list is endless. Sometimes I think I am a guinea pig for the beauty industry as I try so many products on the market but they simply do not deliver the results initially expected or desired. However, I have compiled a list of beauty tips that do actually work as I personally, have tried it and I am pleased to say that the results are amazing.

  1. Coconut Oil and Egg Yolks

This remedy is absolutely amazing for your hair. My hair grew 5 cm in 2 months (Yes I am an impatient freak that measured it lol). It also makes your hair shine and strong. My hair became very damaged and thin with all the coloring and continuous use of straightening irons. There are so many hair products on the market specifically designed for brittle, damaged hair however I thought this time around I would choose a more natural remedy and see how it works.  To my amazement it worked. Everyone’s hair growth is different thus I was fascinated with the 5 cm in 2 months as my hair takes extremely long to grow. Using Coconut oil for the past year I have seen tremendous results and it is easy to use. I recommend it for all hair types, for curly hair it will redefine your curls, for straight hair it will minimize the frizz and make your hair sleek, for thin hair it will give it body and for ethnic hair it will make your hair soft and grow.


  1. Heat the coconut oil to make it in a liquid form
  2. Separate the egg yolk from the white and put it in a bowl
  3. Mix the coconut oil with the egg yolk and then add a little hot water
  4. Place it on hair from your root down and massage it in
  5. Leave in for 20 minutes to 1 hour
  6. Rinse it off with warm water then wash and condition your hair as usual



Coconut oil is also an awesome remedy if you want to grow and thicken your eyelashes. You simply apply the coconut oil on your eyelashes before you go to bed, giving your eyes moisture throughout the night. Coconut oil can be purchased at all health shops and selected outlets such as Dischem.


  1. Bicarbonate Soda and Lemons

This combination is good to remove all the plaque and stains on your teeth. At first I was also skeptical at the idea but how will know if I don’t try right. Nonetheless it easy to use.


  1. Take a teaspoon full of bicarbonate and place it in a small holder
  2. Cut a lemon then squeeze a little juice into the holder
  3. Mix it as you make it into a paste however do so quickly as the lemon juice absorbs the bicarb soda quick due to the reaction of the acid
  4. Put it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual in circular motions
  5. Rinse your mouth then brush your teeth with toothpaste for a fresh breathe

You will feel the difference immediately but you will only see the difference after continuous use.


baking soda and lemon

  1. Honey and Brown Sugar

This remedy acts as a natural body scrub. It seems simpler to purchase a ready made scrub at the store but if you have brown sugar and honey at home it is even easier and better to make your own scrub with pleasing results.


  1. Put 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in a bowl
  2. Add the honey to the sugar bowl
  3. Mix the honey and brown sugar together
  4. Before you bath or shower rub the mixture onto your skin focusing on your legs and arms
  5. Rinse it off then shower as usual


This scrub removes all the dry skin especially after shaving. You will also notice a glow and your skin will be much softer

Just a tip try to use a sponge loofah instead of a face cloth as the face cloth is more prone to build up bacteria. With this, your wash rag and toothbrush should be changed every 4-6 months max, if you can change it every 3 months even better.

  1. Avocados

Before you throw away the avocado peels think twice. There are so many nutrients in an avocado which makes it perfect to moisturize the dryness on your feet especially the heels of your feet because ladies no one wants to see the great grand canyon when you are wearing open sandals. Right…


  1. When you cut the avocado, leave it in a bowl for later
  2. As soon as you are relaxed, take a seat in front of the television.
  3. Rub the peels of avocado on your feet focusing on the dry areas.
  4. Relax as you let it soak in for about 30 min
  5. Then soak your feet in a foot tub filled with warm water and lavender oil
  6. Dry it with a towel and then moisturize with foot cream (Check out Avon, they always have amazing foot cream)



Lastly, always remember that even though these remedies have been proven to work, you still need to look after your body from inside out. Therefore stock up on vitamins such as Biotin, Vitamin A,B,C, the Omegas and Silcea Complex. You should also limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine as it weakens the immune system and try your best not to smoke as it makes your hair extremely dull and brittle and leaves permanent stains on your teeth.

Come on ladies let’s help each other by sharing our secret beauty tips. Times have indeed changed where we can all be Cinderellas as long as you choose to be beautiful on the inside and out.


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The Good, The Bad, The Grammys

The Grammy’s this year, 2015, was indeed one to remember, not. It was like watching a compiled edited version of previous Grammy events. Kanye West was simply being himself but for once, one can say that it is mundane and sad. If he were in South Africa, he’d probably be a part of the ANC as he always feels he is entitled and somewhat important. Then there were some odd duo performances and I will leave it at that, odd. The oldies were nominated amongst the newbies of the industry which resulted in obvious wins (Queen B) and a few surprises (Beck). Nonetheless, the real history is made on the red carpet with all the fashion escapades which always leaves me “wowing” or thinking, what the. Were you thinking? What always amuses me though is when the celebrities proudly say the designer which they are wearing regardless if they look terrible. To that I say, everyone has a choice, so if you are found on the worst dress list you cannot blame the designer or the stylist because you did have a choice. With this, I would like to play a game called 156 Degrees. Is the Grammy look 156⁰ Right or 156⁰ so wrong?

First on the list we have Gwen Stefani. She opted for an Atelier Versace jumpsuit. In all honesty this hollaback girl stayed true to her own unique style which was to her advantage because this look is elegant, edgy and right on trend with the jumpsuit and unique twirl detail. 156⁰ Right


Secondly we have the ‘Love me harder’ artist, Ariana Grande wearing a white Versace gown. I thought this dress was perfect for her because she looks mature with the simplicity of the white whilst the silver metal sheath detail added some playfulness and edge to the dress. This look would have been 156⁰ Right, however I feel her ponytail is getting boring. With all that mane, she could have switched up her usual look with a different hairstyle.


Next we the have one and only Madonna. Madonna will always be Madonna and I applaud her because she has set trends time and time again. However, I feel Madonna is stuck is in a time capsule and she doesn’t want to accept her age. True grace and elegance comes from the way you carry yourself, acknowledging your age. Look at Jane Fonda, she nailed it at the Grammy’s and she is well over 70. Madonna’s “sisters” gave her age away because they just weren’t as ‘pointy’ as they were 20 years ago. Madonna next time opt for something different from the usual then you will definitely have everyone talking but for now you just old Madonna stuck in the 90s era. Therefore 156⁰ so wrong.


For the next look we have Pharrell Williams Wife, Helen. All I can say is Pharrell, I am not Happy. I have so many questions. Did she come from sky-diving? Did she come from the gym? Or did she get a role in the movie sequel, Cool Runnings. She has such an amazing body and her hair and make-up were on point, however it all comes to naught in this look. 156⁰ so wrong.


How can we forget about Kim K, The Mrs. West. She wore a long-sleeve gold Jean Paul Gaultier dress but in my opinion it simply looks like a bedazzled night robe. The sleeves were too long so it looked like it was weighing her down. She normally gets it right, regardless how revealing. This time around, it was not flattering to her curvaceous body. Her new haircut however, is a breath of fresh air, but Kim watch out, Kylie is on her way to stealing all that sparkle and I am not referring to your dress.


When I was young, I had a pink Barbie cake for my birthday, it was a amazing.  20 years later I’d never imagined a real life version on the red carpet and to be honest it is quite disturbing. But leave it to my bad girl Riri to steal the show. Rihanna took it to a whole new level with her oversized pink Giambattista Valli dress. The only one that was taken in by this dress was Blue Ivy, other than that it was a 156⁰ too much.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

I will just leave a blank space for Taylor Swift, but yes, she was at The Grammys, taking colour blocking to a whole new level with purple shoes.

There were so many more looks, good and bad but I will leave it to you to go check them out and formulate your own opinion. However, I just want someone to tell me why construction work was being done at this major annual event? Poor Joy villa, was so excited that she ran right through the orange construction mesh, but that did not stop her because she was so happy she arrived alive. 156⁰ So wrong.



Lastly, they had a major blackout, no not load shedding my fellow South Africans but rather the colour Black. Full on black was literally worn by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Ashanti, Jessie J, Sia, Anna Kendrick and Giuliana Rancic with her embellished sheer jumpsuit.

I hope you had a good laugh…

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