A White Canvas

Heya Supermodels

I hope you had an awesome weekend. Now to start a new week with new ideas, new goals and new challenges.

Sometime back I styled an all white outfit (singing Madonna’s like a virgin, kissed for the very first time) however I did not have the right words or rather inspiration to go with the look hence the delay.

The colour white has many connotations such as purity, peace, safety, innocence or completeness. But as I look at a white canvas, a white wall or merely a white piece of paper, I’d like to interpret the color white as a new beginning, a new frame of mind.

We all go through life having to make decisions whereby  those decisions lead us on a certain path. After a period of time you come to the realization that one, something is missing or two you completely on the wrong track. (Point three would be that everything is smooth sailing which is highly unlikely unless you are a unicorn). Needless to say, as you look at all your ‘once made’ decisions like scribbles on a wall,  art brushes on a canvas or writing on a piece of paper you think what now, where to from here. Well stop, breathe and have a cup of something because it is never too late to start over again on a new white canvas.

Remember you are the artist of your life so with the words of Neil Gaiman…

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.”







Till next time

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The 156 Supermodel



PS Photography taken by Megan Damon Visuals 


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