The Goddess (Part 3/3)

Summer is my favourite time of the year because regardless if I made it in time to the gym to get my bikini body ready,  it’s officially time to take out my short shorts and welcome the warm summer rays on my well proportioned short legs. Lol

With festivals, beach parties, picnics and outdoor walks already here, it’s always a question of what does one wear and still embrace your individuality, be it the free spirited gypsy, the good girl or the goddess.

The answer my fellow supermodels, is the timeless denim high- waisted shorts. You can mix and match it with different tops and accessories that no one would have even noticed you wore the same shorts to different events….

Here’s how I embraced my 3 alter egos with 1 pair of shorts in part 3 of the 3 part series.

The Goddess 

Being brave enough to just be unapologetic for who you are, that’s a goddess. Banks 





Top: Edgars

Shorts: Cotton On


I hope you enjoyed this 3 Part series and my last blogpost of 2016.

Like or comment, I want to hear from you.


The 156 Supermodel 


Images taken by Mike Timm

Instagram @mikeslenses

Facebook: Mikeslenses Photography



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