The Girl in the Grey Coat

 Life is about labels. In order to identify something one refers to the label. Likewise, society has created labels based on one’s social status, culture, attitude and behaviour and the cliques you associate yourself with. Whether or not you choose, life has become such that you will be labelled regardless of the preconceived notions that are far from the truth. Many times I’ve had to hear ” So you one of those girls”, not even knowing my story. Which makes me beg the question; Do we go through life ticking specific boxes for others or are we choosing to live our lives without a checklist!

I choose the latter.

DSC_6457[1] (2)

DSC_6471[1] (2)

Labels will always come and go because whatever we do or say or rather whatever we don’t do or say will inevitably put us in a box. We have become so fixated on labels that we cannot distinguish between the fake designer labels and the real exclusive labels. Some people’s values and priorities have changed so much that they think their label is 100% Cashmere, but when you look closely it is in fact a mix of polyester and cotton.

x x x

DSC_6480[1] (2)



In closing, I have a label. However, with being labelled I always make sure that people are able to read the label for what it truly is.

And for now, I am to you only ‘The Girl in the Grey Coat’ 


DSC_6507[1] (2)

If you had to define your label, what would it read?

Handle with care 

Wash cold separately

Tumble dry on low

Warm iron needed 

Turn inside out 

Drip Dry



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The 156 Supermodels 


DSC_6525[1] (2)

P.S. The amazing pics were taken by Megan_Damon. Her Website will be launching soon but for now you can follow her on instagram…



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