Daddy’s Jeans/Genes

Rip it, Cut it, and pull out the thread. Looks good but it’s not quite on point yet. It needs more character it needs more je ne se quoi. Let’s try it again, maybe this time a bigger cut and another rip and tear. Now one is pleased and up to date with the latest fashion trend that has been around for a while and is clearly here to stay; The Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. Many have embraced this fashion trend that is easy to follow without even trying. All one has to do is steal an old pair of ripped jeans from your boyfriend, roll it up at the hem and then accessorize it with a chic blazer and stilettos or simply your favourite pair of sneakers.


I on the other hand was fortunate to claim a real vintage pair of distressed boyfriend jeans not from a boyfriend but from my dad. We will however continue to call them distressed boyfriend jeans because distressed daddy jeans just sounds anomalous (in plain english #weird). This pair of jeans is distressed in the true sense of the word, as it is a 33-year-old pair of Lee Jeans. Wearing the jeans carries much significance, as it did not fit my two elder brothers by the waist, only me. My dad’s youngest and only daughter. Sometimes I feel I have much to fill in life when I wear these jeans. However, I have learnt that I can wear my dad’s jeans and I can share many traits of him, but I have my own life to carve and my own journey to tread. He is simply there to guide me and to remind me that there are times where the journey will not be easy but it will indeed be worth it.



My Father’s Daughter I am 

I am my father’s daughter you know

I have his moles and piercing expressions,

I have his inner might but always rely on his discretions.

I also have his purpose and meaningful walk,

But have yet to perfect his assertive talk.

I have his constant drive for success,

Strive only for the best, simply nothing less.

I am my father’s daughter you know,

I have his genes and sometimes even wear his jeans.

He has given me much, most importantly the honour of his name,

Our journeys are our own, but our spirit somewhat  the same.

He’s always there to guide me and for that, brave I stand,

Entertain and laugh, we create our own band.

I am my father’s daughter you know

I hold his hand, he holds mine in case we should fall,

When hope seems lost, my confidant upon whom I call.

I am his child, the daughter he loves

Never a doubt in that I can trust;

We share a bond no one can comprehend

Alas our love is all that matters until the end.

Happy Father’s Day Pops 🙂


For more inspiration on styling your favourite pair of distressed jeans check out Pinterest.


The 156 Supermodel



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