Bonjour Supermodels, Comment allez vouz…

It has been a while since I snapped a photo of an outfit with some thoughts on fashion, life and all things quirky. BUT! The 156 Supermodel is back and not once has my love for fashion been compromised even as I continue to hustle in the work industry. For any new readers, followers or simply fashionable stalkers, The 156 Supermodel comes from my height being 156cm and the Supermodel… well we are all supermodels in our own right I just get to eat anything I want.

So what is different? 

For one, the blunt haircut. It seems the older I get the shorter I go. Who knows, maybe I will be rocking the pixie hairstyle by the end of the year.

My style has also changed to more minimal and sophisticated. I guess if you want people to take you seriously you have to dress the part and can I just say that there is definitely a sense of power in the way you portray your image.

What is still the same?

The 156 Supermodel will continue to share favourites of fashion, shoes, cupcakes and inspirational life lessons.

Now back to the Fashion…

On Thursday 9 June 2016, I went to the Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show. With the chills of winter I had to combine warmth with fashion so what better way than my fluffy faux fur coat from Woolworths, layered necklaces and cute lil booties. And let’s not forget about the red lipstick because red lips always bring out the alter ego which is way more fun.



Check out Part 2 of the Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show…

Comment or like, I just to want to hear  from you.

Oh and Happy Youth Day to my South African Supermodels


The 156 Supermodel 





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