It’s Fri – Yay

Heya Supermodels

Hope you had a fabulous week. I started my weekend on Thursday already by attending the COSMO Summer Party. Once again Cosmopolitan did not disappoint and it was indeed an awesome way to get the summer started, notwithstanding the rain today. The night started with welcome Just lime cocktails, followed by manicures, Mac makeovers, glow in the dark face paint, an epic fashion show and endless of photos. I, however was so busy socialising that I didn’t take photos of my mine but you can check out the fabulous event in the Cosmo Summer Party link. I have compiled some of my favourites of the week. So here is the second edition to Friday Favs. Enjoy!

1. Favourite Songs: 




2. Favourite Must Have:

The sexy black bra top from Alexander Wang


3. Favourite Quote: 

Yes guys, not all women are after your money..


4. Favourite Beauty Tip

Summer time means shorts and skirts so it is time to get those legs looking moisturized and glowing.

Tip: Mix Brown sugar and olive oil in a bowl and just before shower apply it to your legs. It will remove the dry follicles from the wintery days and make your legs smooth.


5. Favourite Street Style 

Absolutely loving this belle top. In my mind I keep telling myself this is not me haha because from the hair to the shoes I see myself rocking this look.


Till next time


The 156 Supermodel


(Images taken from Pinterest)


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