Made In…

Last week I was suffering from “FOMO” with all the breathtaking designs at New York Fashion Week thinking, I should be there sitting next to Anna Wintour with her perrrfect bob and taking selfies with Miroslava Duma, Jaime King, Marianna Hewitt and Anna Dello Russo. From DKNY’s bold striped blazers to the crochet bikini’s of Tommy Hilfiger, the signature wrap dresses of DVF and the elegant simplicity of Calvin Klein and Michael Kors to highlight merely a few, I’d say Spring/Summer 16 looks promising.

The actual runway walk can last simply a few minutes but the time and effort behind the scenes to be showcased is intense and will ultimately result in what you will be wearing next season. Just think as you are reading this, everything that you are wearing be it a simple jersey was inspired by a designer at fashion week and altered to what we’ve seen and bought in store.

Sometime recently, I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and grasp just a fraction of the ins and outs of being a fashion buyer. All I can say is that my whole perception of the fashion industry and retail has changed once again. As a consumer, you merely go into the store and shop with your eyes. If you see something that you like or appeals to you then you buy it, end of story well at least for the consumer. However, what we don’t realise and often take for granted is where it all began. From the sourcing of fabric, to the design of the garment and down to the very last stitch gets reviewed time and time again to make sure that the final garment is perfect and better than the previous season. The only question left in the mind of the fashion buyer is whether it will be a knockout seller or will it simply end up on the sale rack because it just didn’t have that je ne sais quoi factor.

Up to now, I am still fascinated as I have now taken interest in the various fabrics especially the combination and mixes of the fabrics and where the actual garment was made only to be found in one of my favourite retail stores.

This outfit post was inspired by different textures and fabrics and it was an ideal way to bid farewell to the winter chills, finally!! What better way than to go bold and dramatic and to put my MADE IN stamp on it.


_DSC0298 (2)

_DSC0303 (3)






Bought @ Woolworths

Made in South Africa with imported Fabric

_DSC0341 (2)


I absolutely love the style and distressed ruggedness of this leather skirt.

Bought @ Vintage Market

Made in Australia

_DSC0319 (2)


This shoe is ideal as we transition from winter to spring.

Bought @ Foschini

Made in China

_DSC0343 (2)


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S. Next time you purchase a garment have a look at the label to see where it was made…


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