‘Tis time to Blossom

‘Tis time to Blossom 

Blossoms on flowers, birds in the tree;

‘Tis the favourite season for cupcakes and tea.

Oh my darling Spring, the time is now,

For fun,  love and laughter,

The fresh start of nature bestowed on thee.

Break out the styles winter forced you to store,

and clear the unwanted as you make space for more.

Do not dwell in the past, for soon you will see,

The fashions of dreams are indeed reality.

So lets welcome the first day of Spring,

Get ready to blossom from all it will bring.

Poem written by: MT Turner & MM Turner 


Hey Supermodels

The theme for September is “Blossom” so if you are looking for inspiration and words on growth, change or a step towards a new beginning be sure to check out my blog on a regular basis this month.

As long as you keep reading, I will keep writing.

P.S. As we step into a brand new season whether you are situated in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere I will be styling my last winter look, coming out the end of this week.


The 156 Supermodel

xoxox  6872767-cherry-blossom


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