Casadei Shoes

He-ya Supermodels

Its Thursday which means two things, and two things only. It is almost time for the weekend and this day is dedicated to fabulous shoes, well at least according to moi. This week I am drooling over the Italian Shoe Brand, Casadei that was initially founded in 1958 in a small workshop in San Mauro Pascoli by  Quinto and Flora Casadei. Cesare Casadei soon followed in his parents footsteps or should I rather say fabulous steps by taking over the company and establishing it further to where it is today, an exquisite luxury brand. To think it all started with a collection of sandals designed for tourists holidaying on the Italian Riviera.

What I admire about Casadei and put in their own words,  their shoes are designed as must-have objects of desire, never as solely designer label accessories, but as true masterpieces of design.” Each shoe is created with fine detail and finishings that speaks to your own distinct personality. So for once I am grateful for my split personality because having to decide on a favourite pair is impossible.

 Now let the shoes speak to your personality….

1. The Black and Bold 



2. The Green Gem 



3. The Lady in Red 



4. The Blues



5. The Princess 



I guess all masterpieces are Made in Italy.

Which Casadei shoe design is your favourite?

Drop me a comment, I want to hear from you.


The 156 Supermodel


PS. Remember Thursday is ” Shoes day” so be sure to check out my next edition of fabulous shoes next week Thursday.


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