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Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

23 August 2015, I had lunch with the family and then I went to go see the last show of the musical hit; The West Side Story at the Artscape Theatre. This meant two outfits but the hassle free of having to change twice.  The solution was simple, one Black skirt overall, one pair of black ankle boots and a perfect-sized “young, wild & free” black purse. Check out how I changed my look as easy as 1,2,3…

OOTD– Outfit Of the Day

For the day look I simply paired the cute black overalls with a classic white shirt. I added the white “frilled” socks for a more playful look. I kept the accessories minimal with three dainty bracelets and a ring.

_DSC0237 (2)

_DSC0216 (2)

_DSC0217 (2)




OOTN-Outfit of the Night

For the evening look, I changed to a sparkly crop jersey. Added stockings and red lipstick for a ” warm” but sexy look. I simply changed my accessories to pearls  to compliment the jersey and to add more bedazzle to the outfit.





Black Skirt Overall- Legit

Black ankle boots- Foschini

Black Purse- Truworths 


The West Side Story musical production was spectacular, from the cast and the music right to the setting of the stage and the lighting. Throughout the show, the audience was captivated by the unique story-line of two street gangs, namely The Jets and The Sharks that are from different ethnic backgrounds. This is one musical that manages to capture the contrasts of hate and passion & humour and tragedy all in one. I take my hat off to everyone that brought this amazing production to life.

It’s not just a story,  it is The West Side Story.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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