Giuseppe Zanotti

Its Official!! Giuseppe Zanotti is one of my favourite luxury shoe brands. Sometimes I think it is so sad that South Africa is behind where fashion is concerned and our currency is so weak that the price of one pair of shoes could be someone’s salary. But we are getting there slowly but surely. Nonetheless I thought I’d share some amazing shoe porn with you from seasons dating back to 2013 to now 2015.


To think this Italian Designer was once a DJ. I’m just glad that his music and beats led him to these breathtaking designs.

1. The Gold Leaves



2. The Cobalt Cage 

Pre-Fall 2015


3. The Black and Gold 

Spring- 2013


4. The Fringe Detail

Spring- 2013


5. The Red Flower Appliqué Sandal


red flower

6. The Olive Green 

olive green

7. The Tan Heel


8. The White and Gold

2013- Spring/Summer


9. The Cut-out Black Boots 


10. The Pearl Detail- 2015


These are merely a few of my favourites to get you all excited. This brand celebrates its 21st year in the industry since its official establishment in 1994. Giuseppe Zanotti’s signature designs continue to impress, evolve and transform the way we see art in shoes. Honestly, shoes should be declared a profitable investment because the time and effort put into the designs to the pure delight of wearing the shoes is far more rewarding than putting money away somewhere only to be spent in your later life. Come on, you only live once. Buy the damn shoes!!

Which Giuseppe Zanotti shoe design is your favourite?

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