It’s a War Outside

It is Friday Yay. Who is excited for the weekend? Or is that a rhetorical question. Nonetheless to get your weekend off to an even better start I have found a bargain that one simply cannot look past, The Army Green bomber jacket.  The army green colour is a definite fashion craze this season from blazers to parka jackets and the colder it gets, the warmer I feel wearing the colour.

This past week, I discovered a genuine bargain with the army green bomber jacket, making me realise that is is always good to shop around first regardless if you have the money to splurge. I believe that sometimes it is not always about the “name” but also the quality of the material and the overall stitching. After doing my own assessment I found that Topshop and Legit are selling a similar style army green bomber jacket, the only difference is the price tag and some minor details that one wouldn’t even notice at first sight.

LEGIT R359.99

Legit Green jacket


Topshop (front)

 How to Style the Army Green Bomber Jacket…

Army green bomber 1 army green bomber 3 army green bomber2

The Army Green bomber jacket can be styled with black jeans, black pointy boots, a tied plaid shirt and a funky beanie but which ever way you choose to style your bomber jacket try to keep your look minimal as the jacket is bold and a statement piece itself.

If a 2 year old can rock this army green bomber jacket then so can you…

north west green bomber jacket

Enjoy your weekend supermodels

Be sure to check out my next bargain buy next Friday


The 156 Supermodel



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