DO Discover your true style

It is 20 years to the day and a distant memory.

ATT_1432405722155_20150403_141656-1 (1)

It was a warm summer’s day but I insisted on wearing red gummy boots, a pink shorts and a baby blue jacket, which speaks a lot for my character at the time, assertive yet with a minimal fashion sense. From a young age my mom gave me a voice in the clothes that I chose to wear, allowing me to express myself. However, looking back I cringe as I ask myself “What was I thinking”. But in that same tone I embrace what was and appreciate every moment as it tells me how I’ve grown and transformed in so many ways from these fashion escapades.



Fashion as we know constantly evolves where one needs to keep up with the latest trends and for all of you reading this, I urge you to stay true to your own unique style because that is one thing that does remain constant. If you have not discovered yet what your own unique style is do not fret, it will eventually come to you. The first step though is knowing who you are because that is the image you are going to portray as a person by the way you dress. The biggest mistake that you can make is to copy a celebrity, style icon or even a friend’s look, simply because what works for them and their body type may not work for you. Bear in mind that you can still admire and find inspiration in what they wear. Personally, being short, maxi dresses do not work for me or maybe there is still one out there for me that will be flattering but I try different dresses and styles to enhance my petite structure. Believe it or not as a petite person I too become conscious with certain clothing pieces but I have a rule if it does not compliment my body then I will not purchase it. Your clothes should accentuate your body rather than reveal areas of your body in a distasteful way.



Fashion has no rules except for one which is a complete No No… please do not wear leggings as pants. Trends will come and go and that is the fashion circle of life. You can and will follow these trends but at least make it your own. One of my favourite fashion gurus is Anna Dello Russo. Sometimes my vocabulary consists only of oohs and aahs with all the outfits that she wears but, she has caught my attention which means she is definitely doing something right. I have seen so many copies thus I choose not to be one. Some days I look really plain and boring but the satisfaction lies in knowing that the plain and boring is all me in a mini 156 stature.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when discovering your true style or merely staying true to yourself in order to make your voice heard. Yes “darlings” the way you dress speaks a thousand words…


  1. Like what you wear. Do not buy something simply because it is in fashion.
  2. Dress according to your body type, especially when mixing prints and colours.
  3. Do not try to be or imitate someone you not all for the sake of fashion.
  4. Whatever you choose to wear, accept the risk and wear it with confidence because there is no turning back and who knows maybe you will be setting a new trend.
  5. Always remember to express your individuality and uniqueness in the way you dress.
  6. Never apologize for the way you look and the clothes you are wearing. After all on the day you chose to wear it so embrace it.
  7. Learn to mix and match the clothes that you already have.
  8. Be daring and bold you only live once.
  9. Dress according to your mood, it is who you are and you will be more comfortable.
  10. People will always stare, talk and judge so give them something good and worthwhile to stare, talk and judge about.

The photographs were taken at a quaint book store in Gordons Bay called Books International. They have a variety of books that one simply does not know where to start. It is like a maze with so much to discover. This location was inspired because we tend to have everything at the touch of a finger today by simply downloading books and information. However sometimes we need to go back to basics in order to discover something great or something forgotten. And likewise with ourselves and the clothes we choose to wear. Once you discover what works for you it will become a part of you and come naturally.

_DSC0093 (2)

_DSC0133 (2)

Lastly I will be surrounded by books myself as I am writing my final exams for the first semester. Therefore I will be putting my blogging on hold but that does not mean I will not be inspired by everything around me in order to share with you when I return.

I hope you enjoyed this post

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The 156 Supermodel



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