A Toast to all Mothers

This morning I woke up with a terrible migraine. The very first person that I went to was my mom, asking her for one of her famous remedies. In that instant I realised a mother’s job is never done, even on this specific Sunday which we call Mother’s Day. It is not a 9-5 job with weekends off. She doesn’t take a holiday when she feels like it and cannot afford to take sick days leave, knowing her family needs her.

Setting the trend with a white jumpsuit and wrap around belt

I can tell of many great and wonderful things about my mom, like she’s got moves like Jagger, her man crush is Adam Levine (sorry dad), she breaks it down in Zumba class, she enjoys drinking Chai Latte and eats chocolate like it’s part of the balanced eating food group.

Instead, I would like to make a toast to all mothers across the world. Your job is not easy and it does not pay according to what you do yet it is the most rewarding and selfless job that one can ever have. I can only hope to become half the person my mom is. She has indeed taught me much but the lessons continue up until now.

Big Glasses means Big Dreams

Today I think of those mothers who have lost a child, I think of those children who have lost a mother, I think of those who do not know who their  mother is or mothers that do not know where their children are. Regardless of the situation everyone has a mother that does in fact love you.

With a pixie haircut you can travel the world

To those who have the privilege of being with your mom on this beautiful Mother’s Day, honour, respect, love and cherish your mom. You have no idea what she has done for you. When I go out in the big world I am strong, mature and independent but when I get home, I am just my mom’s little girl. Even today at my age she still brushes my hair, we still chat and laugh about boys and both of us have a love for fashion, (it’s a pity we do not wear the same shoe size I would’ve raided her closet as in yesterday) however, when the earth shakes and my world comes tumbling down my mom is the one who dries my tears and holds my hand.

With this, let’s raise our glasses  and celebrate each and every mom. I have so much to be thankful for but each and every moment spent with my mom is an indescribable blessing.

I love you Mom. Yes you Michelle Ann.

_DSC0546 (3)-1
I put the D in Diva

P.S:  You will notice that these photographs are old and blurry because for one, there was no android smartphones with quality cameras but I love each photo because it shows how fashion has transformed but yet repeats itself like the wrap around belt and white jumpsuit, the big glasses, the cute pixie haircut and the wowing fur coat and metallic hair colour.

Happy Mother’s Day


The 156 Supermodel



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