The Little Black Shorts

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for winter…

I am a shorts and Tee kinda girl so transitioning to the many layers once again this time of the year has me feeling, well like the weather, dull and dreary. If I could wear shorts all year round then I’d be one happy chicka but then again I would have to live on a tropical island or bear the odd stares. Either way it is impossible so I have to bid adieu to the kissing warm sunny days and welcome the cold rainy blues. What better way by wearing my short shorts one last time. OK maybe I can squeeze in a few more…



I love black and wearing shorts so this little one with the gold zip detail was an easy buy. What’s better is that the PU leather is one of the latest trends this season. I like to think of it as the ” fake it till you make it” leather. It doesn’t look cheap, it is fashionable and you are able to wear it in different styles or mix it up with different fabrics and textures.



You will notice the jacket is also PU leather which is fabulous, chic and light yet covering you enough for the change of season. I also like to match and coordinate my clothes kind of like a Tinder situation where you get all excited by”Its a Match” as shown by the colours of black and cream down to the shoes and the golden buttons to compliment the gold zips on the shorts. However, lose the reservations, mix different textures and styles, you might be amazed by the outcome.



So whether you in the Northern hemisphere going into spring, embrace the little black shorts found in many different designs  from high waist to denim or whether you in the Southern hemisphere preparing for the chills, add the PU leather to your wardrobe this season  giving you a Prominent Urban chic look.

Lastly always remember to be daring and bold, because need I remind you that life is too damn short to be wearing boring clothes.

The season may change but never let the season change you and your brightness.


 With that, bye bye summer and bonjour winter

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I would like you know from you whether you prefer summer or winter?

So drop it like its hot in the comment box


The 156 Supermodel



Photographs taken by: TeganSmithPhotography


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