Dress for Success

Nervous about a job interview! Starting a new job or Looking for a new job!

As young as what I am,  I have been down that road of interviews, eventually working in jobs that I thought I wanted, and soon after realising that it just was not. With the many different interviews and working  experience,  I have now realised what I am indeed looking for and how to achieve the myriad of goals I have set myself. It is simple, dress up for the job you want, dress for success and lastly dress for yourself, for this defines you…


What do I mean, I have set out five important points in getting you through that interview and getting you the job you want. But firstly always remember never to underestimate yourself. If you believe you can do it, then you can.

1. The Crop Top

As you all know the crop top trend has been around for a while and it will probably still be around till next season. And likewise, you should be daring by taking risks and being open minded to trying new things. When you wear a crop top you should wear it with confidence. You cannot wear it then still be conscious of exposing some skin. The same applies when you go for an interview; you must be confident and show the company who you are but yet not exposing all…


2.  The Blazer

Everyone needs that one blazer to complete the outfit or simply for cool days. However in this situation the jacket is a reminder of your character and your habits, good or bad that you need to enhance, improve or even change. By doing so, you first need to acknowledge that it not as easy as merely taking off the jacket and putting it back on. You need to constantly work on yourself and your character. If you are always late (like me haha) do not think it will be different when you have a job that requires you to be very punctual. You have to set your mind to improving yourself and seeing change. Wearing a blazer is also an indication that you cannot depend on your charm alone in the interview or in the working environment. You need to constantly acquire new skills and gain knowledge from all sources. You have work friends but always remember that they are purely your work friends. If you screw up and do not have the knowledge needed to defend yourself or fix the situation, do not think someone is going to borrow their jacket to protect or keep you warm in those cool days.


3. The Clutch

Oh how  I love this Coach clutch purse.  I bought it in Canada and it was the last of its kind. I use it way too often, to a point that I even convince myself that I need it to colour block my outfit when I know for a fact that it does not go with the outfit. This clutch purse symbolises your values and principles that you should always hold on to. It is so easy to be swayed or influenced in to doing something you know is not you or doesn’t feel right but you do it anyway thinking it will get you further or placed higher in a certain position. Stop right there! If you can compromise once believe me you will do it again and again and eventually that which you initially stood for and which is right will fade and your rights will be wrong, and the wrongs will be right. In the process, people will lose their respect for you knowing that you will do anything regardless of the consequences. For instance, certain work required me to work on a Saturday and I refrained because it is my Sabbath, my day of worship. I knew the work was not meant to be and left it at that. A few months later, an even better position came along where I didn’t have to work on a Saturday.  I am no saint, but in this life of continuous hustle and bustle my belief and day of rest is the only real anchor that I can still  hold on to.  Always remember that your values and principles is one thing that nobody can take away from you unless you allow them to.



4. The Pointy Heels

The shoes definitely makes the outfit. I am wearing cute kitten heels that are pointy. And like the shoes you choose to wear, so too do you choose your direction. Whether you feel you want to rise and need that promotion or whether you desire a completely new working environment, the choice is yours. It is imperative that you stay focused and confirm what your short term and long term goals are, followed by a mission in achieving them. Without a doubt, at times you are going to be side-tracked and the walk will hurt some, but do not for one minute show your pain and weariness to anyone. Come on girls we all know how some shoes can hurt but we wear it anyway because they just look so damn good. So remember this, oft times you have to suffer in silence and suffer for beauty, but retain your grace and poise for success is but a step away.


5. The Tailored Pants

These high waist grey trousers has accompanied me to many interviews but what I love most about them is that they were made to fit me and only me. And likewise in any job that you apply for, the actual interview and the point of getting the job, let it be unique and know what works for you. Do not look at your friends or be influenced by family members but rather follow your heart and do what you enjoy and love.  If it does not work, simply see it as another learning experience and a minor detour but please, do not become dependent on a job merely because it pays the  bills, provides comfort and convenience for in your later life you will be faced with the what if’s and should’ves. 

Lastly, always remember that you never know who is watching you from a distance, taking notes or simply criticising you. Therefore take pride in the way you dress and carry yourself with confidence, grace, sophistication, spunk and everything that goes with it. The only excuses out there are the ones you make yourself. You are in control of your own success, your own journey. So I leave with you for your next interview, your new job or that one job you are still searching for….Dress for Success; Dress for yourself


Outfit details:

Blazer: Ltd Truworths

Trousers: Tailored

Black crop top: The Hub

Clutch Purse: Coach


Hope you enjoyed this post

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The 156 Supermodel


Photographs taken by: Tegan Smith Photography

Makeup by: Kaylin Davidse (The Body Shop products)


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