12 Going on 20 Something

I have come to a point in my life where I don’t know if looking younger than my actual age is a curse or a gift. Somedays I will just go with it but other days I want to scream, seriously I am not a child! I’ve had so many odd and funny experiences with regards my deceiving age that I thought I would share:

1. The Account

This time I was in a clothing store, and as I was waiting to purchase the items of clothing on account (Please be advised that credit is just bad hahaha..), the sales lady looked at me with a peculiar expression. Without a word she left to call the manager who on arrival proceeded to ask for my ID and details, they thought I was using my mother’s card without her consent. I just sighed thinking here we go again… Realising that I am of age and it is in fact my account, the sales lady apologized adding that she couldn’t believe my age, she thought I was only 12.


2. The Judgment

Sometimes I drive my brother’s BMW, which is huge compared to my petite physique. The look on peoples faces are hilarious. This one guy gawked as I was pulling out of the parking, saying how can that little girl drive a car like that #awkward


3. The Make-up

I tend to wear makeup everyday simply because I look like a teeny without. A girl has to contour those baby cheeks. But if I am not going out, there is nothing like a fresh plain face. Viva au naturel!!


4. The Dilemma 

Because I look young the guys my age or older think I am cute and can be treated like a mascot, full stop! The guys younger than me think I am their age, whoopee thinking they have a prom date. Going out with an older guy makes him look like a cradle snatcher and hanging out with a younger guy reminds me of my age and the lack of conversation.


5. The Question 

The famous question asked time and time again is ” What grade are you in?” A primary school teacher/distant friend of my parents asked me how I was coping with the assessments before high school. I was so taken aback that I just started laughing making me look even more like a primary school kid that couldn’t catch her words.


6. The Complex

I have had teenagers trying to intimidate me, saying they go to the best school as they give “the look” head to toe, I just smirk with the words that it is a good thing I am finished with school. It is such a relief to be past that phase of acting old but in fact still a naive teenager wanting to fit in. Seriously, when are the Clueless cliques going to come to an end. I hear young people saying I am getting old or on the contrary I cannot wait to grow up, omg. Number 1,  you are only as young as what you feel and no. 2 do not live in haste for you could regret the lost past.


7. The Advantage

Looking younger definitely still has its advantages. For one there are those student discounts( scandalous I know), I still join the lil ones on the jumping castle and order kiddies meals because sometimes you just want that smaller portion.


8. The Joke

I literally have to carry my ID everywhere because whether I am walking in a casino or going to a club, I get asked at least twice for proof of my age. The joke however is when my actual age is proven and they cannot believe it. They turn around most embarrassed. Confucius says… girl’s best asset is her ‘lie’ ability.


9. The Fear

Eventually I would like to come to a point where people leave the small talk of she is cute and take me serious. This one time, whilst working  part- time in an admin position, I addressed the customer saying that he has to come with identification and an affidavit to finalise the contract. The guy rather said that I look like a doll, can he put me in his pocket. I responded by saying “put your dry humour in your pocket and when you are serious there will be someone to assist you.”


10. The Reality

In the end, my age does not bother me. I am not rushing to get older and definitely not rushing to look older. Looking in the mirror I never criticize what is and what could have been because I am thankful everyday for my small button nose, my height of 156 cm and my baby cheeks since that is what make me; the 156 supermodel. Your youth is reflected from within.


 Get the Look:

Dress: Truworths

Top: Cotton on

Hat: Factorie

Sneakers: Adidas

Photos taken by my good friend Megan Damon, an aspiring journalist and producer, who is destined for great things.

Hope you enjoyed this post

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The 156 Supermodel



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