It’s not old; It’s Vintage

Playing dress up starts at a young age and never ends.

Which is a fact. As little girls we all raided our mothers and grandmothers closets with pure delight thinking ” Wow this is my dream closet, I cannot wait to grow up and wear these kind of clothes”. Those kind of clothes darlings, are now vintage.


It was a Sunday afternoon as my mom was clearing out her closet of all the clothes she no longer wanted or fit. As she was busy packing out, I started going through the lot, trying on this and the other. I tried on this waistcoat which I absolutely loved. She laughed saying; “I wore that waistcoat when your dad and I were “courting” (which is 70’s slang for dating); It is so old.” I smiled saying it is not old, it is vintage. I simply altered the waistcoat to fit me and now it is a timeless favourite. Since then, I enjoy finding unique old clothing pieces which I restore by adding new buttons and alter to suit my style.



On Thursday, 26 February I found myself in Woodstock for the monthly vintage market.  There were rails and rails with clothes on hangers and more hangers. It was vintage heaven. I didn’t know where to start. Taking a deep breath to contain my excitement like a kid walking in a toy store, I started at what I thought was a point, but in fact flitting around like madame butterfly,  feeling my way through each item in search of that one piece that speaks to my unique quaint style.



In that moment,  I realised that each item of clothing held some significant story. Maybe the garment was worn by a rich spinster or maybe it was worn by a young woman trying to make it big as an actress or singer, or better yet maybe it was just an ordinary woman who had a love for fashion like you and me, but whatever the story, the vintage clothes hanging, now awaited a new owner, a new journey…!


_DSC0078 (2)
I have walked miles, but I have yet to walk another…

There were many awesome traders at this vintage experience such as Orange Blossom, Vintage Lover, Second Time Around, Oh So Retro, Melody and Harmony, Villain and Pasha Lu to mention a few.


 By each of the traders  there was something unique that one simply couldn’t pass. There were jackets, handbags, accessories, hats and and and. I couldn’t get enough, especially with all the bargains, I had to control myself because I am one person that loves a good deal.

_DSC0057     _DSC0048


The real excitement however, comes from thinking out of the box and actually being daring enough to wear certain clothing pieces. It is not like going to a store in the mall where they have set out looks displayed and standard sizes. You have to envision how you would wear the clothing pieces and make it your own and in the end ultimately re-creating a trend that once was. This vintage market allows you to redefine your own style by putting together an outfit that represents your personality and individuality.

How do I look? Besides the quirky expression…


What is a market without good music and food? Shopping can get tiring with all the fitting on of the clothes and the socialising with like minded fashionista’s , thus you can enjoy a cupcake and a chilled drink whilst listening to good old school music on the vinyl player at this vintage experience.



What I wore:

_DSC0085 (2)

Top: Cinnamon

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Woolworths

Watch: Fossil

Lastly, I left with some awesome buys like necklaces, tops and a genuine leather skirt that I cannot wait to share with you soon. The whole vibe and experience of the vintage market was indeed one to remember and return to.

With this, the organisers of this vintage experience will be taking it to a whole new level this month by hosting a vintage experience expo on the 28th & 29th March at the German Club in Gardens, Cape Town. So be sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed.  For more information visit their facebook page- The Vintage Experience.

_DSC0082 (2)

P.S. Before you throw out that clothing item ask yourself, Is it old or Is it Vintage!

I hope you enjoyed this post

Please like and comment on your own vintage experience

The 156 Supermodel



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