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Type in the four letter word; “Life” in your latest gadget, followed by search. It is mind boggling to see, read and comprehend all the information about life. However with all the intellectuals, professors, philosophers, writers and famous people’s words about life, no one can truly define the essence of life, one can only live it. If one had a set path, a book, or constant premonitions about life, then it would simply be easy. In reality, it is not. One can search and search for answers, ways, methods and ideas on how to live life, but in doing so, you are merely wasting a grain of sand fallen from the hourglass. Many have said and written much about life but it is not your life. One needs to take a step back and stop living life mirrored by others, because it makes it more disappointing and lonely. Life can be amazing, the choice is yours, live it as if today was going to be your last, So, stop Googling about life and live it! Add a polka dot to bring fun and zest to your life…

P.S Here are some of my favourite quotes from my favourite fashion icon, Coco Chanel about life that one cannot pass:

  1. You live but once. You might as well be amusing.
  2. My life didn’t please me. So I created my life.
  3. There is no time for cut-dried-monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time.

IMG_5075 (2)

This look was inspired around the polka dot shirt and created on Polyvore. Whether you like to splurge or see yourself as a savvy spender this look can come to life, just connect the dots.

Life Dot Com




The 156 Supermodel



J Crew oversized shirt
1 030 ZAR –

Cimarron jeans
1 980 ZAR –

Tan leather shoes
1 060 ZAR –

Navy purse

Betsey Johnson watch
1 115 ZAR –

Marc Jacobs floral perfume
900 ZAR –

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