Are you ready for the Oscars…

It is almost time for the Oscars, where the O stands for ostentatious and the S stands for seriously, did you practice that speech or is it really genuine?


 Nonetheless, I am ready and excited. It is going to be an interesting event this year. I for one, am looking forward to the Best Actress category which is dominated by brilliant actresses so it is really difficult to predict who is going to take the title. May I just add that Meryl Streep is a legend as she is currently the actress with the most nominations in history. I guess this “Devil” loves her Prada’s too much to retire anytime soon.


I am also looking forward to seeing how Neil Patrick Harris is going to top, ordering pizza and taking the ‘best selfie’ yet. Hosting the Oscars is not like hosting the other annual events, this is considered the “Big One”, however  it is Ellen DeGeneres who managed to set the standard, but I trust Harris will do a good job.



In the mean time, I made some pancakes for this event, which is easy as 1,2,3…

1. You need 2 large eggs, x2 cups cake flour, 250ml milk, 250ml water and then a pinch of salt. I also added fine vanilla powder for some extra flavour.


2. Beat the eggs then sift the flour into the bowl so that the batter does not get lumpy. Add the milk and water and mix well. Put your pan on a low heat then add a lil oil.

_DSC0003 (2)

3. Use a ladle to make it easy. Simply pour the ladle spoon of batter into the pan then swirl your pan around to make a full round shape.


4. Wait until the sides of the pancake no longer stick then, flip it over.

5.Walla, pancake done. Now to add the filling. You can keep it simple by adding cinnamon and sugar or you can add fruit or chocolate whichever one you desire. I hope you enjoy the Oscars, If you do not watch it, I don’t blame you it is as overrated as 50 shades of Grey but you still find yourself wanting to know what happened.

_DSC0027 (2)

Bon appétit darlings


The 156 Supermodel



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