What kind of Valentine’s girl are you?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Juliet Capulet 

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Valentine’s Day! A day celebrated each year on the 14th February for people to make their “love” known by sharing flowers, chocolates, gifts and going on romantic dates. For the couples, it’s one day to look forward to and spend time with the one they love, and for the singletons it’s a day to remind them well, that they are single! I am not a fanatic when it comes to Valentine’s day nor am I anti, however I feel one does not need a specific day to show your love and appreciation for someone. In fact, it is actually sad that some people wait a whole year to go all out for someone merely because it is dictated by a day. Guys and Girls, wake up each morning wanting to do something special for your partner regardless of the day or the occasion. It is simply the best feeling ever seeing the joy and happiness on your loved one’s face.

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However, I am not here to tell of love anecdotes on this day. I am interested in the kind of Valentine’s girl you are.

1. Chilled Babe

Are you the chilled babe that simply wants to spend the day with your guy, not wanting or expecting any gifts and crazy gestures. His presence is all that matters. You want to wear a shorts and a tee and simply have fun by going on a hike, followed by a relaxed picnic. If you laugh till you cry and eat good food this day is considered perfect. In the end the best gift is when he kisses you on the forehead as he says ” I love you babe”



2. Wine and Dine Diva

Are you the Wine and Dine Diva that expects the best on this day. A reservation needs to be made at a fancy restaurant with a five course dinner. The mood of the evening is very  poised whilst the conversation is sincere. You want to dress up to the nines, with your designer Louboutins and little black dress. You expect a bouquet of red roses and a little velvet box holding a set of unique diamond earrings. In the end, the evening is considered perfect, having a glass of wine on the balcony watching the starry night.


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3. Love Fanatic

Or lastly, are you the love fanatic that loves to love and loves this day. You want the flowers, the chocolates, the gift and even the card. You wait and prepare for this day for a while and want this day to be perfect. You want your guy to show his love in all possible ways via Facebook, Instagram, twitter, the family and the whole world. This day and the meaning of love is very important to you. You dress in red and white or white and red. In the end, this day is considered perfect with a billboard saying I love you …. and cut out hearts everywhere. You simply believe that love is in the air.

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I would like to hear from you so please be honest and vote below.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day whether you have a partner or single.  I surely did with my Valentine, Charlie…

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Hope you enjoyed this post

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