The Good, The Bad, The Grammys

The Grammy’s this year, 2015, was indeed one to remember, not. It was like watching a compiled edited version of previous Grammy events. Kanye West was simply being himself but for once, one can say that it is mundane and sad. If he were in South Africa, he’d probably be a part of the ANC as he always feels he is entitled and somewhat important. Then there were some odd duo performances and I will leave it at that, odd. The oldies were nominated amongst the newbies of the industry which resulted in obvious wins (Queen B) and a few surprises (Beck). Nonetheless, the real history is made on the red carpet with all the fashion escapades which always leaves me “wowing” or thinking, what the. Were you thinking? What always amuses me though is when the celebrities proudly say the designer which they are wearing regardless if they look terrible. To that I say, everyone has a choice, so if you are found on the worst dress list you cannot blame the designer or the stylist because you did have a choice. With this, I would like to play a game called 156 Degrees. Is the Grammy look 156⁰ Right or 156⁰ so wrong?

First on the list we have Gwen Stefani. She opted for an Atelier Versace jumpsuit. In all honesty this hollaback girl stayed true to her own unique style which was to her advantage because this look is elegant, edgy and right on trend with the jumpsuit and unique twirl detail. 156⁰ Right


Secondly we have the ‘Love me harder’ artist, Ariana Grande wearing a white Versace gown. I thought this dress was perfect for her because she looks mature with the simplicity of the white whilst the silver metal sheath detail added some playfulness and edge to the dress. This look would have been 156⁰ Right, however I feel her ponytail is getting boring. With all that mane, she could have switched up her usual look with a different hairstyle.


Next we the have one and only Madonna. Madonna will always be Madonna and I applaud her because she has set trends time and time again. However, I feel Madonna is stuck is in a time capsule and she doesn’t want to accept her age. True grace and elegance comes from the way you carry yourself, acknowledging your age. Look at Jane Fonda, she nailed it at the Grammy’s and she is well over 70. Madonna’s “sisters” gave her age away because they just weren’t as ‘pointy’ as they were 20 years ago. Madonna next time opt for something different from the usual then you will definitely have everyone talking but for now you just old Madonna stuck in the 90s era. Therefore 156⁰ so wrong.


For the next look we have Pharrell Williams Wife, Helen. All I can say is Pharrell, I am not Happy. I have so many questions. Did she come from sky-diving? Did she come from the gym? Or did she get a role in the movie sequel, Cool Runnings. She has such an amazing body and her hair and make-up were on point, however it all comes to naught in this look. 156⁰ so wrong.


How can we forget about Kim K, The Mrs. West. She wore a long-sleeve gold Jean Paul Gaultier dress but in my opinion it simply looks like a bedazzled night robe. The sleeves were too long so it looked like it was weighing her down. She normally gets it right, regardless how revealing. This time around, it was not flattering to her curvaceous body. Her new haircut however, is a breath of fresh air, but Kim watch out, Kylie is on her way to stealing all that sparkle and I am not referring to your dress.


When I was young, I had a pink Barbie cake for my birthday, it was a amazing.  20 years later I’d never imagined a real life version on the red carpet and to be honest it is quite disturbing. But leave it to my bad girl Riri to steal the show. Rihanna took it to a whole new level with her oversized pink Giambattista Valli dress. The only one that was taken in by this dress was Blue Ivy, other than that it was a 156⁰ too much.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

I will just leave a blank space for Taylor Swift, but yes, she was at The Grammys, taking colour blocking to a whole new level with purple shoes.

There were so many more looks, good and bad but I will leave it to you to go check them out and formulate your own opinion. However, I just want someone to tell me why construction work was being done at this major annual event? Poor Joy villa, was so excited that she ran right through the orange construction mesh, but that did not stop her because she was so happy she arrived alive. 156⁰ So wrong.



Lastly, they had a major blackout, no not load shedding my fellow South Africans but rather the colour Black. Full on black was literally worn by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Ashanti, Jessie J, Sia, Anna Kendrick and Giuliana Rancic with her embellished sheer jumpsuit.

I hope you had a good laugh…

Please like or comment on your thoughts of the looks mentioned or missed

The 156 Supermodel



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