Into the Blue

“Into the blue”. A phrase considered, going into the far distance or into the unknown. My first official blog post as the 156 Supermodel, I will be venturing on a journey that I do not know what to expect in the distant future.  I do not know if I will have followers or likes nor do I know what the success of this blog will be. However, what I do know is that I cannot contain my thoughts and ideas any longer for others to eventually write.


For a long time I have admired the fashion industry as a whole of which my own style continues to transform with age and life experiences. Random people would approach me and say how they admire my style and at the time I did not think much of it as I was just being me. As time went by I realized but wait I need to voice certain things, why not do it with fashion. Though, as I started research on the rapidly growing world of blogging, I came across so many amazing fashion blogs based locally and abroad which were all unique but at the same time somewhat similar, which made me beg the question what would make my blog different. Honestly, I cannot promise anything but I want to be able to wake up and write about that which I love, things that inspire me and everything that influences the essence of my being. Thus if it is politics, so be it, but I can assure you it will definitely be in a bold, controversial outfit.


My Outfit for this blog post was simply inspired by the title itself “Into the blue”. Cobalt blue is a colour that is bold yet easy to wear as it goes with any skin colour and you can wear it throughout the various seasons to suit your own unique style. I am wearing a crop top I bought in Canada (of which I hope to share that trip with you soon). The crop top trend dates back to the 1940’s, but Madonna is the “Lucky Star” for the uprising of baring the midriff. I paired the crop top with an Aztec patterned pants purchased from Legit. I have never been fond of patterns Per Se but there is a first time for everything so I encourage you to embrace all patterns this summer.


Lastly, I wanted to show all sides of me as a person hence the angles of the photographs. Some are serious, whilst others are fun and carefree but what it comes down to is that I hope to stay true to myself and let this first blog post be that constant reminder of where it all began.









I really hope you enjoy this post. Leave a comment or simply like it.


The 156 Supermodel



Photography done by: dontblinksa


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