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The rebel in me has been wondering, what if you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought, what if you got up in front of everyone and walked out of a meeting, what if you closed your eyes, pinned a random destination then hopped on a plane. What if…!

There are many outcomes to these and other scenarios where you reach THE point of no return; Rebellion! When one thinks of being rebellious an overflow of bad and negative things come to mind. However, I would like to think of being rebellious in a more positive way. So, let’s idle the current situation, in South Africa and the rest of the world where people’s lack of respect for humankind result in hurtful remarks, comments and views for a while, and rather focus on the humor of life. So again I ask, What if, you said exactly what was on your mind at the first thought… (Smirk)

I certainly had a good laugh as I tested this theory for a day by telling people randomly what was on my mind, and it is amazing to see their reaction by your ‘blatant honesty’. With this, I recently came across The Rebel’s Manifesto which is quite pertinent at this stage of my life. Without even realizing it, as young people we are becoming indoctrinated by society with rules, cliques, fame, fortune and all it has to offer, that one must beg the question: Are we living our lives freely without having to apologize, defend or hide? As you ponder on this, I leave you with…

The Rebel’s Manifesto

1. Do the opposite of what you were taught in school.

2. Care not for the opinions of others. They are based on their own thoughts and fears.

3. Study the work of other rebels. Steal things from them. Research with fury.

4. Forget about the competition. They are on a different path than you. Trends are for suckers.

5. “There’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous”— John Cage.Do the things that scare you on a daily basis.

6. Make a mess.

7. Embrace your darkside. Your so called “Dark Qualities” (or labels) are a source of great power.Find a way to incorporate them into your work. Feature them.  Pay particular attention to what makes you angry.

8. Exercise your voice. Put your thoughts, ideas and opinions out into the world  even if it scares the shit out of you (see number 5).

9. Expand your horizons. Leave home. Visit other places/cultures. Wander aimlessly.

10. Never limit your playtime. Even if your brain is telling you otherwise. All of your best stuff comes from it, if you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown.

11. Question EVERYTHING.

12. Follow your heart.

I dare you to write your own Rebel Manifesto, because let’s be real, we are all Rebel’s at heart. I certainly have, in my little black book.

Do yourself a favour, do something rebellious today. But whatever you do, just don’t get caught. If you do, simply smile and say, Madonna told me to do it.

Live like a Rebel Girl 


The 156 Supermodel 


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