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The LBD revolutionized

The Little Black Dress or rather the LBD in the world of fashion is undeniably the most timeless wardrobe essential. The LBD has been altered, re-created and revolutionized over the years but not once has it gone out of style or off the fashion radar. It has and always will be a fashion trend true to its name; The LBD.

Just like the LBD, I’ve realised that there are things in life that never go out of style. Many women are changing their views, attitudes and even persona about many things in life however, in doing so some qualities still remain in style. Such as…

1. Being Loyal

Loyalty is a characteristic that cannot be defined by words but rather shown, earned and reciprocated, be it in a relationship, friendships or in the work place. One aspect of loyalty which has become more evident is its rarity. As society we have become fickle in our quest to climb the social ladder, gain a title and make easy money. The extremities to which we go to get ‘there’ is questionable, making loyalty seem like a Christmas gift as opposed to an inherent trait.

2. Being Bodacious

Derived from the words bold and audacious. However, this word also has many different connotations such as being sexy. It is time to own being bold, audacious and even sexy without feeling insecure, timid or having to ‘please explain yourself’. If you are confident in your own skin and stop thinking and caring about what other people will think and say then you will naturally exude an admiral attractiveness. It’s time to add the real BB (Bodacious Babe) to your morning make-up routine.

3. Being Dauntless

This word sums up how we should wake up each morning. We should wear this quality on our sleeves or it should be the diamonds on the soles of our shoes as we traverse life. Maybe that is a tad too dramatic but so true. Being fearless, determined, confident and spirited are qualities that will never go out of style. But at the same time you cannot be selective, meaning you have to constantly be brave, you have to constantly stand tall for what is right, you must not let people influence your way of thinking or deter you from your ambitions and lastly, you must never let your fears dictate your destiny.

Like The LBD, there are certain things that never go out of style. So, remember to be loyal, be bodacious and dauntless the next time you are unsure of what’s in or out of fashion.

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The 156 Supermodel


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