The Great Wall

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

Many a times it has been said, “Seeing is believing”. I have always seen amazing images of The Great Wall but to be honest it was never on top of my list of tourist attractions to visit. However, I had the opportunity to visit The Great Wall and I was left in awe by this man-made wonder. I decided to visit Mutianyu which is a popular section of the Great Wall that has been fully restored. The experience in itself was amazing and even though the Chinese people refer to it as the Long wall (长城/ Chángchéng) as opposed to the Great Wall, I realized that the history etched in the stones and bricks is what makes it “Great”. My friends and I went up with the cable car to tower 14. We then walked down to the 6th Tower so that we could take the Toboggan down. It was literally a “cool runnings” moment come true. I would highly recommend it but also do your own research as there are many sections of the Great Wall which each tell a different story. In the end each section is joined and seen as The Great Wall.

Leaving your mark wherever you go is good but leaving it in a positive way is best. Shruti Poojary

Miracles happen everyday. They bubble up from their hidden source, surround us with opportunities and disappear. Deepak Chopra 

P.S All these images are my own which have been edited because on the day the Air Quality Index aka pollution was above average with a rate of 139.


The 156 Supermodel 


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