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All Black

“Women who wear black live colourful lives.”

“You need more colour in your wardrobe, you always wear black.” So I’ve been told many times by mother dearest. My response is usually that she has enough colour for the both of us in her wardrobe lol.

Wearing all black is simply chic and elegant.  You can do no wrong and heads will always  turn. You can mix fabrics and textures in shades of black knowing that your outfit will still come together in the end.

When I put this all black outfit together it was relatively easy as I layered the black crew neck top and black coated high waisted pants with a black chiffon pleated cardigan (and probably because I am partially OCD so my clothes are already colour coordinated from light to dark). However, I am all about the finer details. I decided to keep the accessories minimal but I laid emphasis on the subtle touches of gold seen on the boots, jewelry and Guess handbag.


1# Be bold, daring and even edgy if you must but never apologize for wearing all black.

2# Play around with different styles and silhouettes. Opt for an oversized blazer or keep it simple with a cute peplum top.

3# Mix different textures and fabrics to create contrast by pairing a black leather skirt with a black knitted jersey.

4# Accessorize with statement pieces like a belt, chunky necklace or a fedora.

5# Whatever you do, DO NOT overthink it.

Till Next time


The 156 Supermodel 


For more inspiration visit my Black & Bold board on Pinterest 

P.S Photo’s taken by Indigo Child Productions 

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  1. Really amazing look, my favorite pieces are your beautiful flowy cardigan and earrings! Stunning

  2. All black everything is always a great look!

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