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Decide, Declutter and Wear Denim

Heya Supermodels

The first leaves of autumn have fallen which means it’s officially sweater weather. Personally, I think autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons with warm hues of leaves swirling in the wind, eventually settling in a heap on the side of the road. With every season one sees change and one experiences change which can be scary at times. However one needs to realize that change is inevitable and eventually all the leaves will fall.

With this, think of the new season as an opportunity to make decisions, declutter and if you’re in doubt return to the basics and wear denim.


Decide what it is you want.

Decide what makes you happy.

And never let fear decide your future.

Easier said than done, right! But the fact of the matter is by not deciding you have still made a decision. You are in control of your life and definitely your outfit of the day so you might as well decide, be merry and not give a damn about what people have to say.


Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions-Barbara Hemphill

Yes, it officially time to get rid of those tees and sweaters at the back of the wardrobe that has become crop tops not because it’s in fashion but because your mom bought it for you in the 7th grade. However, decluttering not only refers to the tangible stuff but also old ideas, bad habits and questionable relationships. It’s time to make space for new and for you.


When in doubt, wear denim

Likewise when you’re unsure and find yourself unable to find a solution or an answer, just go back to the basics and rely on your instincts.

Get The Look:

Choker & Rings: Lovisa

Blue Bell Top: Forever New

Jeans: Sportscene

Star Boots: Daisy Street (Superbalist)

Till Next Time


The 156 Supermodel 


P.S What do you think of the super short blunt bob?


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