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You can have any colour, as long as it’s black – Henry Ford

The LBD is commonly associated with the Little Black Dress in fashion terms. The Little Black Dress is an essential ‘must have’ clothing item in every woman’s wardrobe. I tend to over-do it by owning a few LBDs but the simplicity and elegance of it never let’s you down.

The LBD is perfect for any occasion especially when you need one less decision to make. It can be worn up and down and accessorized to meet your individual style. The LBD  has been commended, accepted and re-designed by designer after designer since the 1920s.

Just like the LBD, we need to adopt the same timeless mantra and create our own definition to make use of in our daily lives.

I have a new LBD mantra which is simple and applicable to all.

I hope it will help the next time you have to decide on more than just picking out your next dress.


 Live unapologetically, Love the Life you Live and Live in the moment.


Be Yourself, Be Fearless, Be Extraordinary, Be Happy.


Dare to be different, Dare to bring change and Dare to always succeed.

I initially purchased this LBD for work because it’s simple and you don’t have to iron it (yes we all have those mornings where the snooze button is our friend). However, as I tried it on the first time I realised it’s a tad bit too sexy for the work place. (Remember professionalism over preconceptions ^^,)

Nonetheless, I decided to style this little black dress with a double buckle belt as it adds some edge and doesn’t make the dress seem to formal. The belt also accentuates my pear-shaped figure.

Outfit details:

Ribbed Black Dress: Missguided 

Double Buckle Belt: Luella/Foschini (In-store)

Black Ankle Boots: Zara


The 156 Supermodel



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