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I CARE: Breast Cancer Awareness

If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.
Maya Angelou


October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Each year more and more women and let’s not forget men are also being affected, not only by breast cancer but all types of cancer. This year it was my wish to release 156 pink balloons to show that I care for this cause so dear to my heart. I know and have known so many amazing women with the Big “C” hence I could no longer put off this campaign. Yes, we call it the Big “C” to avoid the harshness and the truth in the word itself, Cancer.  I named the campaign “I CARE” because we need to show that we care for the cause in the here and now and not only when it hits us at our very own door step.


On 11 October 2015, my desire was fulfilled as I, in association with ROTO (Reach Out to Others) an NPC came to together with close family and friends to release 156 Pink Balloons at the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Each balloon that swirled into the clear blue sky were:

For those that have lost the battle; may you know that we cherish each memory of you,

For those that continue to fight; may you know that this battle is not your own and lastly

For those that are anxious, not knowing what to expect, know that you are not alone.


The moment the balloons were released I felt liberated and a sense of closure. One can never comprehend the pain and suffering that a loved one or friend has had to endure from fighting cancer and by releasing the balloons it was a moment of clarity that you too can finally let go knowing that there is still hope.






Questions there will always be, but for us it is merely “just do and show that we care”. It is never too late to show that you care and support this cause. So I urge you to take up the challenge. Wear that pink ribbon, make cupcakes for your loved one or friend that is fighting. All they want to know is that you are there with them and for them. It is always the unspoken that counts the most.

The event was indeed amazing, filled with delicious pink treats…






And then there was also fun and endless moments captured….







I would like to say thank you to:

Afrox for sponsoring the Helium

Arizona Spur for sponsoring the Balloons

Pick ‘n Pay (Waterstone) for Sponsoring the Cupcakes

Fatima’s Haberdashery for sponsoring the Ribbons

And each and everyone that assisted and supported to bring this event to life in order to make a small difference

(You know who you are wink wink)


I am The 156 Supermodel and I support Breast Cancer Awareness 


P.S. See you next year as we release even more balloons. Caring doesn’t stop here.

We have loved and we have lost, but the cause is never lost…!

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